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Great online banking anywhere?

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011 by Servage

I wonder why the online banking experience has been very bad for many years. Not only poor design and low performance, also primitive functionality and login-hassle has been restricting the users from having a good experience. Maybe that’s just because I’ve been unlucky with a few smaller banks? Maybe large banks have better solutions? However, it seemed to me, that even large institutions had poor online solutions. Now, roughly a decade into web 2.0, we are finally seeing some cool stuff with quite cool functionality. I guess large companies like banks have a lot of issues when developing and rolling out changes, so creativity might be delayed, or even killed in some projects. Still, I find banking is such a simple tasks, that it shouldn’t be a hassle. Fortunately nowadays it seems the first projects have been successfully finished. Let me present some of the cool ones to you:

Deutsche Bank has had modern online banking for years. It seems to be based on Apple Web Objects, and has always been characterized by simple and beautiful design with good functionality.

Comdirect is an example of great integration between product information, market & trading data, and personal finances. It’s easy to switch between whatever information you need, and the website offers great tools for online trading.

Danske Bank has one of the coolest iPhone apps for banking. Not only is the design nice and well-integrated with the corporate identity, it also offers plenty of functionality, both for banking and trading.

Nordnet was one of the first banks to release an iPad app with a lot of information for traders. However, while pioneering the area, it seems to have been a little at the expense of functionality.

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