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Adobe Edge could be the new Flash

Monday, August 8th, 2011 by Servage

Adobe is not really in a very convenient position regarding their Flash technology. Since Apple has decided against it, it will very likely become phased out among web developers over time, because an increasing amount of people are using iOS devices, where Flash is not supported. It’s easier for developers to switch a technology, instead of getting users or Apple to change their devices.

So, Adobe didn’t just ignore the problems. For a long time it seemed they were actually fighting Apple, to get Flash on iOS. The famous Adobe vs. Apple conflict has been going on for a while now, but it’s been quiet lately. It seemed like Adobe had either accepted their loss or given up on Flash. However, it seems Adobe has made a pretty smart move: They have developed a standard compliant alternative to Flash, which will be supported in all standard compliant browsers, like iOS devices.

The new product Adobe is presenting is called Edge. It’s basically a similar experience as Flash, for developers and consumers, but it is powered by open technology like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

With this new tool in hand, it seems like Adobe is able to keep it’s position as a major software and technology supplier to design and creative professionals in the web industry. In my opinion that’s actually quite an accomplishment, looking at the starting point with Flash as their prime workhorse. It seems it has been replaced.

Do you have any experience with Adobe Edge already? I’d be very interested in hearing developers’ opinion about this new Adobe product. Can it actually replace Flash? Or have other tools already gained too big of an advantage? An open framework maybe?

I’m looking forward to see the first large Adobe Edge based projects. It seems healthy for the market, that Adobe wasn’t wiped from the creative development marked by Apple simply banning Flash from their devices. Thumbs up, Adobe!

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