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Experts paid to provide advice via online chat

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011 by Servage

Sometimes it seems hard to imagine which new ideas could possible still be out there for online services. Sometimes they are just sooo obvious… Experts being paid to deliver advice via online chats sounds too simple, but according to Springwise this is excatly what MinuteBox does:

It’s one thing to tap the crowds for advice on general topics — that’s what apps like Crowdbeacon and Opinionaided are for. Sometimes, however, there’s just no substitute for the insight of a true expert. Enter MinuteBox, a service that lets those with a particular area of expertise monetize it by the minute using online chat.

Users of London-based MinuteBox, which is now in beta, begin by signing up with the site through LinkedIn and connecting it with their expert content on sites including Quora and Stackoverflow, which then gets incorporated into their profile. Next, they set a price for their time and, if they want, install a MinuteBox widget to help promote their service on their favorite social platforms. Then, when users seeking related expertise visit the site, MinuteBox notifies the expert user immediately so that they can connect. Experts are then paid by the minute for advice delivered through video, audio or text chat. MinuteBox retains a fee of up to 25 percent; payments are made immediately through PayPal.

Similar in many ways to the expert chat service available on Pet Architect, MinuteBox offers another nice way for sellsumers to earn extra cash — this time by making the most of their knowledge. One to emulate on a localized or niche basis?

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