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Taking a look at ExpressionEngine – the CMS for pro’s

Friday, July 29th, 2011 by Servage

Expression Engine is an interesting content management system using PHP and MySQL. It’s cleaner and simpler than many other similar systems, yet very powerful. I guess the greatest proof of quality is the list of companies using it. There are many significant names on there, showing off some pretty great websites. It seems ExpressionEngine suits their needs.

So what is ExpressionEngine?

Expression Engine works a lot like most content management systems. It can handle content, users, permissions, files, media and much more. As a developer you can build websites suiting your customers needs. The thing, however, that makes ExpressionEngine quite unique, is that it has a slightly different approach to content. While systems like WordPress puts everything in predefined boxes called Pages, Posts or similar, ExpressionEngine lets the definition of content be up to the developer. You define channels of content, with the data fields your need, and then your templates access that information as needed. This concept may sound abstract and simplistic, but it has great power. It makes ExpressionEngine a CMS you can use with virtually any kind of website, since you can always redefine, change and add types of content, fitting your needs.

Check out the features.

Unfortunately ExpressionEngine isn’t free, which is probably it’s greatest disadvantage.

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