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Are the new Macbook Airs interesting for developers?

Thursday, July 28th, 2011 by Servage

The concept of having a desktop and laptop computer has been necessary for most developers over time, because desktops over great advantages that laptops simply don’t have – among others performance and screen size. Ergonomics are simply better, work is more efficient.

Laptops have been trying to compete with desktops for a decade or so, but only in recent years are they starting to become a real alternative. Having only a laptop removes the hassles of synchronization of data, the cost up purchasing and maintaining two systems in parallel etc.

Apple recently introduced updated models in their Macbook Air line. Eventhough these models are ultra portable laptops with small screens, their performance is not to be ignored. Especially not if you’re a web developer, because your performance requirements might be somewhat reduced, compared to photo-, video- or other IT-creatives. The MacBook Airs seems to be powerful enought to actually work as a single computer, with external devices at home or the office, of course.

Some reviews are already starting to come in. They certainly sound interesting.

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