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Great integration of traditional products with modern web apps

Monday, June 27th, 2011 by Servage

It’s pretty cool when manufacturers of old product types explore the possibilities of the web. It’s even cooler when the result is a cool interaction between such products and web applications. Withings is one of those companies that has done that in a pretty clever way. Initially they produced a weight scale (not really innovative, huh?). The smart thing was that it has WiFi, and uploads your results to your Withings account. What’s cool about that? Well, doing something as absolutely boring and uninteresting as following up on your weight, suddenly becomes a cool little routine, with access to statistics and graphs of your weights’ development online.

The show doesn’t stop there! Not only are your results stored and available online, you can also keep track of results via an iPhone app. Furthermore the scale can differentiate between different users and measure body fast! If you add information about users, like gender and height, the weight and app also computes body mass index.

In addition to the wireless scale, Withings has also introduced a blood pressure monitor for iPhone. It works very well, looks good, and integrates results into the same app as the scale. So you can now follow multiple health stats in one convenient place. Maybe weight and blood pressure monitoring isn’t something you do, or want to do. However, it’s still a cool example of how rather boring products suddenly become sexy.

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