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Build mobile apps with jQuery Mobile

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011 by Servage

Mobile development platforms are hot right now. Everyone seems to be working on mobile versions of their apps, whichs is pretty cool. Earlier I’ve written about Sencha Touch, and the integration between Sencha Touch and PhoneGap to create native apps, based on HTML+CSS+JS technology. Today I’ll make a little introduction of jQuery Mobile. Most mobile developers surely have seen jQuery’s effort to become a player in mobile technology as well, and they do have a very interesting product.

jQuery Mobile enables developers to build apps for mobile devices with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, hence utilizing the skills the developers are likely to already have. Like Sencha Touch, no native development is necessary, and you are essentially building a web-app, accessible through the browser. With jQuery Mobile you still work with enhancements of current web content, following the concept of the regular jQuery language.

You can build some amazing thins with jQuery Mobile. Get going with the docs and demos.

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