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Success with multiple platforms

Sunday, May 29th, 2011 by Servage

It’s not easy creating something useful, fun and successful online. Competition is merciless, there are literally hundreds of thousands of alternatives, and customers switch around between products with an incredible pace. Tolerance for bad products, service or pricing is very low. So creating something with a continuos success, even on multiple platforms is quite an accomplishment.

One of the most interesting things in recent years has been the introduction of even more platforms than we had before combined with the explosion of users of various devices. Once we “just” had Windows for the consumer market, with some competition from consoles for gaming. Today Linux and Mac systems are increasingly competing with Windows on the desktop market, the console market has gotten a little more quiet, but the mobile market has got a couple of serious platforms. And some companies are actually mastering the art of being successfully across multiple platforms. It’s not enough for a mainstream product today to work only on a specific platform or device. You are inevitably forced with decisions how to distribute to other platforms – for which there are multiple approaches.

Angry Birds is a cool and fun simple game which has been the number one selling app for iPhone for a very long time. Besides being a huge success as a native iPhone app, it has also become successful on other platforms, and is now even being launched as a desktop version in a web-app.

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