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Easy and beautiful console app

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011 by Servage

Hey, did you ever need to use a terminal client? There are many pieces of software for this purpose. Most do their job well, some don’t. On Mac OSX I’ve been trying to get along with the default Terminal app, but I just doesn’t cut it. Some years ago I stumbled over iTerm, which was an extended version of Terminal. It’s good, but not goo enough. I like to use the Terminal here and there, quickly, not like a real standalone application, but just as a part of an existing workflow with other apps. Using the terminal is like using spotlight. It happens now and then, clean and fast. I don’t want a full-blown window with menus and options. I want a clean interface I can quickly switch to, use and be happy. Still, I need more features than the default Terminal app.

After a long search, I stumbled upon a clip on Vimeo from some presentation at some conference. The presenter had this cool terminal he constantly switched to, executed something, went back to his presentation in other apps. It looked really cool!

The answer to my wishes is Visor. It enables a console spanning a custom defined part of your screen with a hotkey. Do your work. Hide the console. Easy and also beautiful.‚Ä®Check out Visor here. It’s free.

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Or just use linux, with multiple built in terminals that are top quality, powerful, and easily scripted. What more could you want?

I love using a terminal to get things done (I use GNOME terminal on Linux, on OS X) but I can’t use one get much done on my Servage hosting because there’s no SSH access!

I now have a VPS and am slowly migrating my sites across – it’s definitely worth it. Now I can deploy changes to my sites with a simple “git push web master”. Edit files online using Vim, tar and untar things quickly, SCP up/down, automate almost everything.

People at Servage – implement SSH support, please.

watch out, this article is doubled and full of typos…

Thx, somehow I managed to publish drafts instead of finished texts twice… Sorry about that!

However I find many people who are dyed-in-the-wool Mac.users simply pretend that doesnt exist. As a techie and someone who likes and many times needs to troubleshoot there was no bigger.breath of fresh air when I fired up under OS X 10.0 beta on my Powerbook G3 .

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