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Should you buy or should you not?

Monday, May 23rd, 2011 by Servage

We have tons of cool gadgets to choose from when purchasing new stuff. Regardless if we need it or not, we find ourselves facing decisions every time we buy something. Getting a new computer is not an easy task. It could generate philosophical questions of the perfect computer environment. Which devices do we need? What should they do? And how can they interact?

Being sightly overwhelmed with the recent development with tablet computers, I am starting to consider purchasing one. But does it really provide any addition to my life, exceeding the first few days of excitement over a new toy? I’m not sure. What do I really need?

I come from an environment, where I have a large stationary computer on my desk at home. A 24″ iMac. Nothing is better than a large screen and a full-size keyboard. It’s just so impractical on the go ;-) Therefore I also have a laptop. A 13″ MacBook Pro. Now, I find myself facing problems with the hardware performance, as described in earlier posts regarding hard-drive performance. And even-though the 2.5kg and 13″ size of the laptop makes it pretty small, it’s still somewhat annoying to carry around. I now, I may have too high expectations, but what is wrong with that? I’ve started to look at the iPad2 as a mobile alternative to the notebook, but it fails on a major point: Input. Being one of those users who uses the keyboard a lot, I cant really see myself being happy with an iPad onscreen keyboard, and being locked with iTunes Store Software. I’m just too nerdy to work with such a consumer product ;-) Therefore the 13″ MacBook Air comes into the picture. I know there are Windows alternatives, but I am a Mac-person. However, for the benefits of a skinnier and lighter piece of equipment, I need to throw a lot of money after the Apple shareholders – again. I’m stuck with the never ending dilemma. Should I buy something new or should I not? It would be nice, it would be cool, but is it necessary?

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the article is doubled

Thanks for the tip! It has been fixed.

I have the same issue, I am looking at buying a macbook pro to move to as my main development machine, I used a customized windows machine at first and I’m still trying to figure out which will work for me best, a macbook or iMac, I’m sure about the mac route, just not sure which anymore.

Guess with such rapid development in the gadget world one can never be too sure.

So true!

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