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Improving your workflows

Saturday, May 14th, 2011 by Servage

There are many ways of doing this. Often there are even different ways that yield the same result, even at similar expenses. Sometimes there are also ways that drain resources. Working efficiently is not just something you accomplish here and now, by using smooth workflows, but a continuos process of optimizing the ways your team interacts and collaborates. Improving your workflows can significantly improve your results by increasing customer satisfaction and profit.

It’s not a new idea to improve workflows. Many ways are publicly discussed. There are also various tools that can assist you. This article will not describe this type of improvement from an academic or theoretical point of view, but mention a few examples of applications that can improve your daily work.

Code issue tracking with Lighthouse

Lighthouse is an app that interacts with your codebase, used to share issues and keep track of development. It gives you the possibility to add, edit and follow-up on issues with your projects with a nice interface. With the included milestones functionality it can even act as a project planning tool for future software releases. It interacts with other apps like Beanstalk, Exceptional, Github and Hoptoad.

Customer support with ZenDesk

ZenDesk is an app that provides you with a great tool for your customer support. It embeds into your existing email-address-structure, and gives your employees all the needed functions to work efficiently, giving your customers a great experience. ZenDesk also has an API for various integrations.

Know your users with GetSatisfaction

GetSatisfcation is an app that gives you great tools for customer interaction. Major websites uses this tool to interact with their customers, share information, collect feedback and opinions. GetSatisfaction integrates with other reporting tools like Google Analytics.

This was meant to be a little teaser of what’s out there to improve your workflows with code development and customer support.

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