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Boost your startup with Launchlist

Friday, April 15th, 2011 by Servage

Have you ever tried to manage a startup project? There are sooo many ideas and tasks floating around in the beginning. It can be overwhelming and hard to keep track of everything. Meeting goals and deadlines quickly becomes an annoying hazzle, killing some of the vital energy for the project. It’s important that you and your team maintain the positive engery, and focus on the important tasks, the product development. Just because you need a ToDo/Task/Milestones planning tool, doesn’t mean you actually need to spend a lot of time creating or setting one up. Administrative tasks & co. can build up and kill a project, so focus focus focus on your product, and leave the rest to smart tools like Launchlist, which makes everyday life as a developer easier.

Launchlist isn’t a large project management tool which takes forever to learn how to use. That would be total overkill for most webapp development projects. Launchlist gives you a slick interface to define some goals and tasks, which can be checked off as they are completed. It’s really more a space to gather thoughts and plans on paper, instead of living with the crushing weight of everyhitng hanging over your head. Often simply writing todos down can relieve the burden significantly, because the increased overview reduces stress.

So if you’re working with a project, give Launchliste a try. Maybe it can improve your development experience and increase your project’s efficiency.

Boost your startup with Launchlist, 4.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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