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Easy wikis with Writeboard

Sunday, April 10th, 2011 by Servage

You ever tried setting up a wiki for a project? You ever tried creating/editing content in a wiki? You will know that wikis can be rather tiresome to set up, and keep up to date. Many wikis not only lack good interfaces for efficient editing, they often also utilize complex languages for markup, categorization etc. All in all I found that most wikis are rather annoying to work with, and therefore many wiki-style documentations etc. are abondoned sooner or later. The only real large wiki success is Wikipedia. I believe it works because of its amount of users. However, small businesses or projects aren’t having the excess of capacity in terms of qualified and motivated people that actually have the spare time to keep a wiki up to date. Therefore I was glad to stumble upon Writeboard.

Writeboard basically makes it easy to maintain collaborative writing. You can use it for various purposes, and sizes of projects. Its nice and simple to use, and not overloaded with complexity.

Writeboard is a good tool for single writers and groups. You can easily share files among a group, and have multiple people collaborate around a single file. There’s an easy system with links/passwords making it rather smooth to share files. Of course Writeboard has an overview of versions, and and siaplay of who edited what.

This tool is a great helper for your small project where you want to get going producing some documentation or other text quickly and painlessly, without having to worry about an entire wiki system.

Easy wikis with Writeboard, 3.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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