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The world went dark for a brighter future

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011 by Servage

Earth Hour 2011 seems to have been a great success. We introduced you to the event in this post. On March 27th 2011 at 20:30 local time many places went dark. Around the globe even entire cities participated, shutting down large amounts of energy consuming lights in streets and buildings. While possible negative effects on power grids, and the question of an overall positive effect on energy concumption from this event can be argued, the fact remains, that many people in a record 134 participating countries made a statement. We are aware of the problem.

You can read how the Earth Hour progressed in an official press release, among which you can read the following paragraphs:

As Earth Hour progressed towards the conclusion of the 2011 lights off event across the planet the Americas celebrated the arrival of the global movement with a breadth of lights-off events across the region. Brazil continued the stronger showing for Earth Hour in emerging economies as the wildly successful call for action on the environment continued to roll around the globe.
Hundreds of millions in thousands of cities, towns and communities in a record 134 countries were expected to have participated by the time the lights out and pledge action beyond the hour completes its passage from New Zealand on one side of the International Date Line to former New Zealand dependency the Cook Islands on the other.
Brazil set its own record with 124 cities taking part this year compared to the still creditable 98 of 2010. This included around two-thirds of the state capitals and coverage across all five Brazilian regions. More cities and towns are likely to reveal Earth Hour activities in the coming days.
A huge and emotional event involving more than 3,000 was held in Rio, in front of Arcos da Lapa, a colonial era aqueduct which faded into darkness for the event for the first time. Popular Brazilian singer Toni Garrido warmed up the crowd for addresses from Brazil Environmental Minister, Izabella Teixeira, and Rio de Janeiro Mayor, Eduardo Paes.

Earth Hour will be back on March 31st 2012 at 20:30.

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