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Smooth content management for everyone

Thursday, February 10th, 2011 by Servage

The web has a plethora of content management systems (CMS) available. Many are similar: Require installation, complex functionality, difficult to use. Few are easy and straightforward. Even fewer are hosted. Almost none of them are for free. I am not going to present the regular candidates like Typo3, Drupal etc., but I would like to direct your attention towards a never, more innovative way of managing the content of your website. CushyCMS offers quite a cool way of managing your website. It requires nothing but FTP access to your hosting account, and a few attributes in your HTML code (templates). CushyCMS works in a way, that allows you to edit predefined areas of your website template directly via their interface, and then transfer the content to your webspace, for example at Servage.

Why is this clever? Maybe it’s not a traditional, heavy-weight system, that boosts a lot of functionality. However, it does exactly what 90% of website owners want: It gives you an easy way to administrate your content. All you need to do, is adding the required attributes (which CushyCMS uses to identify editable areas) to your HTML template. It’s described here.

If you don’t know HTML yourself, you can also have your designer/coder create the templates for you, following the guided mentioned above. This will easily enable you to manage your own content, and the designer can rest assured, that you cannot “accidentally” break the code, so the website ends up looking very weird (at least not unless you mess with technical stuff you shouldn’t). This also makes CushyCMS a good tool for you, if you are a designer, creating templates for your customers. The users can edit their own pages, and you can host their websites in your Servage hosting account.

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