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Modern Valentines Day Preparations

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011 by Servage

And here we go again… Valentines Day 2011 is coming up, and yet again many females set high expectations and wishes for this day, which males run around all confused with all this emotional, flowery stuff and try to fulfill. It’s one of those typical situations where male and female in many cases are predetermined to end up in conflict, because their views on certain aspects of life are just so fundamentally different. Now please, don’t be insulted that this article is taking a very conservative view of the whole Valentines Day concept and relations between men and women. Not to forget about same-sex couples etc. This is merely meant to be a little humorous attempt of helping the Valentines Day preparations ;-) Anyway, men don’t see what women want, and women don’t communicate exactly what they want, in terms that are compatible with the male reception and understanding. Basically, what I’m suggesting is: Go with the flow. Don’t overdo it, and definitely don’t forget it ;-) Maybe you’re lucky that your partner doesn’t care about this day, but if you’re one of the others, dating a person who’s totally into all this “romantic” stuff, you need to take action. The good news: You still have 5 days! Here’s what I suggest you do:

The deluxe version: Take your girlfriend out for a nice one or two night stay at a nice hotel. Make sure to book wellness, like massage, and arrange for a nice 3+ course dinner. Flowers and champaign in the room are a nice addition to the atmosphere.

The nice version: Take your girlfriend out for a romantic dinner. Make sure it’s a place with the right atmosphere. Quiet, calm, dark. She’ll love it.

The thoughtful version: Get a gift for your girlfriend. It has to be unique and fitting. Not just anything. The right gift will make her love you more, because you actually put thoughts into a gift for her, and went out to get it.

The cheap version: Buy some flowers (and chocolate). Flowers are always good. They always trigger happiness and excitement. However, on Valentines Day they are kind of the bare minimum. I don’t suggest flowers alone. Combine them with one of the options above.

Now, no matter what you choose to do, the Internet is your friend. You can book hotels, wellness, gifts, flowers, you-name-it online. So don’t waste time. Find out what to do, and get it done. In the end, your might actually find out that you can enjoy this Valentines Day as well. It depends on your own preparations. Good luck and have fun!

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