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Integrate different platforms to serve your customers better

Monday, January 17th, 2011 by Servage

Only a few years ago most computer applications were based on a single system. Especially for consumers. You would purchase a software license, install a program, and run it on that particular computer. The files would the stored locally, and you only worked with that software and those files on that machine. Then backups became popular, and people started distributing their software on extra drives, maybe had copies of files on their desktop and laptop computer, and in later years even uploading files to cloud services. I earlier mentioned Dropbox as a brilliant service for that type of service, where you can keep your files in sync between multiple computers. And this is exactly what consumers want today. They want their files secure and available. Backups are a must, and accessing documents on the desktop, on the laptop, on the cellphone, via a browser, is no longer a nice-to-have, to a demand from many users. Therefore web services that manage to integrate their product with many different platforms are much more likely to be successful in the future. These may sound like big words, but let me present an example of a rather small software product that is available on multiple platforms, and really representing a value to the users:

Flashcards Deluxe is an iPhone application that allows the user to create and share flashcards on his iPhone. It is a study tool that can be used in various scenarios. The first cool feature is that you can actually share your cards with fellow students. Furthermore you can create flashcards on your computer, and add them to the library via a web interface (yes, it’s not the world’s nicest web interface, but it works). And what really makes it a cool product is that it integrates with a flashcards web app called Quizlet, which makes it even easier to generate decks of flashcards, or even use some of the many existing ones. This project is a small piece of software that really integrates data from different sources, making it much more convenient for the user to use the product. Think about that, when you work on your project. The service should be available where the customer want’s to use it.

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