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Leverage online pricing engines for your technology purchase

Sunday, January 16th, 2011 by Servage

During the past months I’ve been trying to research what new TV’s to buy. Moving from a place that only served analogue cable broadcasts to a new area with both digital cable (DVB-C) and digital terrestrial (DVB-T) broadcasts, I faced some decisions to be make. First of all I needed a new TV, because my old 32 inch LCD model didn’t have a digital tuner. Deciding between DVB-C and DVB-T for the new TV wasn’t an issue, because most modern TV’s I was looking at actually have both. Finally, I decided to go with DVB-C, because the local cable provider had a better offer than the local terrestrial provider. So, the problem arose when deciding which TV to buy. After lots of thought, I decided to go for a Samsung UE46C6000 LED TV. At the time it was a good TV, value for money. Now, some months later, I can summarize some of the pros and cons I’ve experienced:┬áPros: Low power consumption, good picture, nice design.┬áCons: Some clouding in dark scenes, no real black color, some missing software features (e.g. sorting channels in custom order)

When I researched for a model for the kitchen, I decided to go with a cheaper model from an unknown brand. The specs looked great, the picture looked great, the price was great. However, after setting it up at home, I realized that the TV took 20 seconds to start, and 2-6 seconds to switch channel. Totally unacceptable for a TV you wanna zap around on while cooking. Actually, totally unacceptable for any TV you wanna use regularly… The software was extremely slow. Also navigating menus etc. was taking a while. So I returned the cheap TV and went with a slightly better LCD model from Samsung as well. It’s pretty much the same software and menus as the large TV in the living room, so you have the advantage of using only one system, and it works like a TV should. Good image (even with quite a large vertical viewing angle, because it’s mounted above the kitchen door) and swift on/off/channel-switches.

So, my message in this post for you people out there who are researching for new TV’s is:

  • Do your homework! Read reviews and compare prices online.
  • Check it out in a store! Go and have a look at the image, the hardware quality, finish etc.
  • Buy it where it’s convenient! An online store might be cheaper, but sometimes the premium price at the local retailer is worth the service.
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