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Jumpstart your jQuery plugin development

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010 by Servage

I stumbled over a very usefull service called “Starter” which helps you quickly jumpstart your jQuery plugin development. After specifying a few simple settings for your plugin, it creates a ready-to-use plugin code, so you don’t have to do all the basics over and over again for each plugin you develop.

See it here:

Very usefull and intuitive! There should be many more such little helpers out there :-)

Starter follows the general guidelines for plugin development and adds a few more of it’s own. It’s a nice way to build your plugins’ basic structure, and the concept could almost be regarded as a jQuery Plugin Framework.

Jumpstart your jQuery plugin development, 4.4 out of 5 based on 5 ratings
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A useful time-saver and a good introduction to creating jQuery plugins. Thanks!

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