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Get your Internet content on the TV

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010 by Servage

The world of TV is increasingly merging with the Internet. Numerous TV manufacturers have models with Internet access for some apps, DLA clients for content sharing etc. Now one of the most popular media center softwares gets it’s own box, ready to run: Boxee. A set top box to play content from storage in your own network or the Internet isn’t really a new thing, but Boxee still introduces or combines a few cool old and new ways of doing things. The shape, the remote, the software. I’m sure it’s a pretty neat device, but is it really needed? I mean, for you as developers of web content, can you take advantage of system like Boxee? For professional use I guess the TV boxes become more and more of a target for content providers. Users can be relaxed and enjoy (free, premium) content right on their TV, so as a platform the idea isn’t bad. However, it’s still just a few out there who use them, and there is still a scattered picture, where tons of different software and hardware manufactures fight for market share. Also, other platforms, like the Sony Playstation Network (with PS3, portable devices etc.) or Apple iTunes with Apple TV, iPod, iPhone, iPad etc., are more developed. So I guess Boxee won’t have an easy start compared to the big boys, but generally the Boxee community could be quite satisfied with their new device. Personally, however, I would prefer something more like TiVo for the european market. Not just a content streaming device, but also an intelligent, programmable VCR for digital HD content via cable/antenna.

Stay tuned, the TV is being used more and more as a hub for consuming media and related Internet content! How can your website profit from this? What content, which apps, can you bring to the TV?

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This is a dream for everybody, to be on TV. Now it seems possible that bloggers like us could be screening our content.

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