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File-sharing API from Dropbox

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010 by Servage

In this earlier article I described Dropbox as a neat product for syncing data between multiple computers. They have developed their services even further, and in the meantime released an API, so third-party developers like you and me can add Dropbox functionality to our web applications. This is pretty useful because it enables you to integrate file-sharing between your application and your users’ Dropbox account. The typical Dropbox user will have many (most, or all) of his files stored on that account, so web apps that utilize this functionality will allow the user to interact more deeply with your application.

Obviously not all web apps are word processors or Excel-clones. My point is, that you don’t need to manipulate the users existing files, but use the Dropbox-connectivity to add value to your application.

Users are typically concerned about security and privacy. Why not allow them to store their data from your web app in their own Dropbox account? Or, it’s pretty annoying to select individual or groups of files for upload to web services. Why not collect them straight of the Dropbox account?┬áBe creative!

You find more information about the API here.

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