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Use online marketing tools

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010 by Servage

Many websites are not marketing themselves properly online! Are you? There are a bunch of tools out there, that make it simpler for you. Eventually you will get more visitors and more sales. Using the right amount of resources on the different marketing options is the tricky part. There is no real recipe for success on this, but instead of not doing anything, I suggest the good old empirical principle of trial-and-error. Create a pool of funds, and use them for testing. Make sure that you follow up on your results, because a good review of your own campaigns is the only valid tool you get, to show you which actions are useful and which actions are a waste of money. I can’t tell you how many times people say “I tried online marketing, but it didn’t work”. What they should have said is “I tried online marketing, but I did not follow up properly. I never adjusted my campaigns and add-settings, so I just kept on poring money into a black hole, until I thought I had wasted enough.”. Don’t make that mistake. It’s your money, and online marketing is not something that works by itself overnight. You do need to work a little do make it work properly. Then, however, you can create a recurring stream of interested visitors!

Online advertising

There are different approaches to this. For starters I suggest to try out a few adds on large networks, such as Facebook or AdWords. Why? Because they allow you to make certain settings regarding search-words and demographics, which increase your chance of success. Follow up and fine-tune these settings, and you will gain more visitors from day one!

Online marketing

Online marketing besides advertising often comes down to email marketing. At this point I would like to recommend two different options for you to start using email marketing on a larger scale: You can create or host your own marketing application, like Interspire Emailmarketer. Or you can use a hosted solution. Just search Google, and there will be a bunch of options. For email marketing I would like to remind you of a few basic rules, that should avoid some serious problems: Don’t spam! Make sure you have collected the email addresses you use properly, and that the owners have given real consent to be contacted. Also, remember to respect peoples’ wish to unsubscribe from email lists. Have a clear option for them to unsubscribe, and make sure you do not contact them again. Again, you do not want to annoy the readers! Nothing destroys your business like bad reputation!

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Facebook and AdWords ask a high price per clickI It often takes hundreds and sometime thousands of click to sell a single item. We spend more money advertising than earn by selling an advertised product. We lose money, the make money. It is worth it only if people who click buy more often or if the price of the gods sold is high.

Don’t agree with Lila – I agree that Facebook ads are more expensive than Adwords, however, with Adwords if you know what you are doing you can greatly reduce the amount you pay – targetted campaigns, small ad groups, long tail keywords, PPC pages on your website etc.

I would agree and disagree with both above comments: Facebook and Adwords would cost money just like any other advertisement. You do need to be smart by following up with your marketing machine and make adjustments according to your return. Yet there is no other way out other than marketing via successful machines and you would need to do your research on your clients behaviors and how to reach your clients. Also, I’ve noticed that sometimes there are newcomers in marketing and advertising industry that deliver great value for your advertising campaign, you just have to do lot of research and just with little luck you will succeed. I’m about to launch my marketing campaign and I know that it will be a rough ride but when one day people will accept my ideas and community will want to save money in hiring plumber via one online community rather than flipping through countless phone book ads and web pages, then I have done my deed in saving money for small businesses and people in general.
Good luck to you all with finding your way in getting out your word.

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The new view was available before via a link, and we switched to it as default blog view because most readers where switching to this view anyway.

one can argue that it can go both ways

Thank you for sharing your information here. The online marketing is the new business environment based on the development of the internet. There are various tools can be applyed for online marketing such as advertisment. Furthermore, the more social media mean more opportunities for the business.

I start blogging 2007 and I learned much Online marketing. Using third party to improve our selling is useless. Google, Yahoo, Bing; they provide natural SEARCH ENGINES to play our business. It is free.If your portals/website is shown at first page (let us say top 5 in first page). You don’t need Facebook or Adword…

I prefer third party to improve our BACK LINK … while we advertise our product.. we create back link. Facebook and Adword are just a text and they don’t provide BACK LINK

it’s depended on your budget allocation but I believe all of us prefer fair cost for optimization result


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