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Sunday, October 10th, 2010 by Servage

Wow, what an overwhelming amount of crazy people are trying to tell us what’s gonna happen on this “special” date. Like 09-09-09 and 11-11-11 these type of dates have occurred, and will occur on a regular basis. It’s a simple by-product on our dating system, actually based on our numeric system. It’s not a countdown to annihilation or doomsdays, or whatever. And yes, some of us have seen the movie… We know what’s supposed to happen on 12-12-21… I’m not going to comment further on these “prophecies”. I will, however, use this topic to remind you about one of the greatest glitches in computer history. The story might be rather unspectacular, but at the same time also quite ironic. Personally I find it very amusing. I’m talking about the forgotten leap year in 2000, when everyone seemed to be preoccupied with the Y2K issue, quite a few developers forgot the fact that year 2000 was in fact a leap year, causing the to skip I full day, on February 29th 2000. What’s more ridiculous? Being afraid of the world coming to a halt because of developers laziness to implement enough digits in dates, or actually forgetting about one full day? Man, there must have been a few pissed of birthday-kids. I mean, having that special day approximately every 4 years, and then even being robbed of one, by computer geeks? Seriously! ;-) Let’s all remind ourselves that we won’t die due to numerical phenomenons, so why not spend the extra time doing it right, when we develop something, huh? Do it right, or don’t do it at all! I promise you , it will not just make you feel better on “doomsdays”, in the long run it will make your development-work much easier in general.

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maybe you should do your research before posting stuff like this. it’s 21.12.12, and it’s *not* because the number “looks cool”…
but you guys sure know webhosting. because of that; i salute you!

Please allow for a typo. And yes, it’s not because the number looks cool, it’s a mystic prediction based on something I don’t grasp ;-) Funny thing though that often these predictions fall on dates with funny looking numbers.

Haha, leap years are crazy. I was about to call you out on the fact that years divisible by 100 are not leap years, but it turns out that it’s a leap year if it’s divisible by 400. At least we won’t have to worry with awkward rules until 2100!

Do it right, or don’t do it at all!
Simply Do or Die. (Every one says)
Programmers and the developers with stress do make this nature phenomenons frequently. I am one of them.

Lol reminds me of all those forsaken text messages! I thought I was popular at the time when I woke up but was quickly disappointed reading the same bloody message a hundred times over. Hmm, until next time then…… 11:11:11 11/11/11 :)

P.S. I like all your articles, I hope you publish more often as I’ve subscribed

Thanks :-)

You know the expression “God helps those that help themselves”, well 10.10.10 was a pretty important to me, my very own [gentlemen please, age omitted!] birthday, so after pottering around a while, I set off for a picnic in the most secluded sunny part of Wales. I drank champagne, ate Fairtrade chocolates and in that unique and secluded place I got into my birthday suit, dipped a toe or two in the ancient pools of Teilo’s holy well and will always remember 10.10.10 as special, because I predicted that it would be and made it so. Don’t wait for someone to predict a wonderful event and don’t let others bring forth a horrible one, make unique wonderful things happen, by inventing some, organising some just like the girl who invented “Reclaim Love day” [you're going to have to do an Internet search for Reclaim Love day" now]. Anyways:
Thanks Servage for last years hosting and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
[I have been with Servage for one year and this is the first happy day of the new one]
:) Brightest of blessings people

Do I please get an extra couple of months FREE hosting for such a great comment? Thank you.
[My parents said: "You don't get, if you don't ask nicely"]

Haha, I’m afraid it won’t work, but nice try… ;-)

Far more importantly than doomsday predictions is the amazing 7347 events that happened on 10.10.10 all around the world to help stop climate change and return to a safe climate and a better future. Check it out at

Hey This is my Birthday “10-oct”

At this point i think it would be a good time to mention Nostradamus or the Aztek-calender – amoung others. They point to the same date ;)

something might happen, or it might not – who knows? But on that day, dont forget to kiss your wife goodby – just in case ;)

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