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Streaming music renders the MP3 archive obsolete

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 by Servage

I remember the days where MP3 started to kick in. It started with long CD-ripping sessions, copying own CDs onto the harddrive. Thankfully online databases made it unneccessary to type in any details for the music, since it was automatically fetched from the Internet. Growing my music archive I shared CDs with friends and downloaded from the net (from emerging online music stores of course…). However, when the fascination with the new world of digital music began to shrink, and music was more a commodity that was used, rather than an experience of growing the archive, it began to be hard to keep up with new tracks. It became a hazzle to keep up and maintain an up-to-date archive. My own music collection has long passed the time where it features the current hits, but is now merely a snapshot of the music up to a certain point where I simply stopped caring or didn’t have the time to add new music. Thereby the entertainment value of the archive also dimished, and soon I found myself listening to regular radio stations again. It annoyed me, that I couldn’t keep up, but there was just so many other things to do, rather than collecting music. Right until the point where streaming services began to emerge. Today such services have made me use music on demand again, like I always wanted to do. Trying Spotify and Grooveshark as the best services in my opinion, I have now found a solution that actually suits my wishes. There might be other services out there, and some may not be servicable in your country or region due to licensing issues, but nevertheless, for thoose that can use them, I found it to be the answer to my silent prayers for a sustainable music experience. The old archive is slowly being deleted, just keeping some of the favorite music on the harddrive, but mostly not even using them, because they can just as easily be listened to via the streaming services. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should. It really makes it easy for you to listen to your favorite music, and you get rid of the time and storage space consumed for an own archive. This should buy you some time to work more on the things you really want to spend your time on, like for example your web projects. I wish you nice rhytmic coding!

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I don’t agree.

I love having my mp3 files around so that I can edit them, make my own compilations and most importantly SHARE WITH FRIENDS. Also bitrates on those websites are atrociously low. Spotify is at OGG 160kbps and Grooveshark is 128kbps mp3 stream. It sucks if you care about quality.

The stupidisation of the internet has begun, and apple is accelerating it. So is news like this.

MP3 is not dying, it is thriving

Well everything is up to personal opinion, and I do not think that regular music-listeners like myself can actually hear the difference between 128, 160 or higher bitrates. Maybe because our ears are not as fine, our speaker system not as good, or maybe because we simply just listen to music for entertainment – not for perfection. I agree with you, that there are some issues with the streaming providers, that will not fulfill everyones’ needs. However, most users will be perfectly happy with streaming services. Even without becoming more stupid ;-)

Thanks, useful. i dont like an own archive as well, and the quality from streams is fine for me.

I disagree from the author of this article. This might be fine if you are based always at the office, or always work from home and have all this access. If you travel as much as I do and most people do to varying degrees, then MP3 are the way to go.

I`m sure WIFI access will come to the trains, busses and other transport vehicles.
But if you are stuck on a plane for 12 hours, then some MP3 on a mp3 device is the way to go

Thank you for your feedback. Please be aware that some services, like Spotify, allow offline usage of their content. So you can in fact use their service with your mobile device while for example on vacation without Internet access.

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