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Innovation creates great web services

Thursday, September 30th, 2010 by Servage

When you look at the available web services out there, one can get seriously overwhelmed. Both developers and users are faced with an enourmous amount of  applications. What should you create as a developer looking for a new project? Which service should you use for a specific need as a user? It’s hard to say, and there are even web services trying to help you to understand and pick the best web services…

It’s not easy to identify needs which others might have, an trying to fulfill them by creating a web application. Many developers dream of success, but end up copying or just slightly modifying existing ideas. How many social networks have been created after Facebook got popular? How many photo or file sharing sites have emerged after Flickr and Rapidshare? The copycat services range from very bad to better than the original, so it’s definitely not easy for a user to find an application. And it’s the same picture with other app platforms, such as the app stores for iOS and Android.

What should you try to do as a developer?

One thing is for sure: There is no recipie for success. Or at least not one that I know off. However, there are ways to make it more likely that your project will become successfull. A philosophy that I like to follow when considdering new ideas, or evaluating emerging projects, is how innovative they are. They don’t need to be new. Using the wheel instead of reeinventing the wheel usually saves you time and money. So if you want to avoid copying an existing service, and you don’t have a great idea for a totally new one (don’t worry, it’s actually really hard to come up with a great new idea!), then you should try to see if you could create something new, with existing components. Let me present ClickYourPic. They have come up with a pretty cool business idea, based on existing services. I mean, uploading pictures, ordering prints via the Internet delivered to your home, is not really a new thing. But creating an Interface that specifically helps you creating a passport photo that fulfills today’s requirements is a pretty neat thing. It saves you the trouble and money for a photographer, and yet you get a usable photo the authorities will accept. No new ideas, but a new combination of ideas! That’s a great way to be innovative!

When you have found your project to bet on, remember that your Servage webhotel can help you getting started quite fast. The Autoinstaller in the control panel features a bunch of ready-to-run applications like Content Management System and Online Store to lift off quickly!

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Yes this is what i am trying to do with my project. It will be reveled soon :-)

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