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User-registration: So useful, yet so hated

Friday, September 17th, 2010 by Servage

What’s one of the top reasons for users dropping of your website, instead of using our provided service? The registration! In the good old days everything was quite formal, with pages of form-fields to be filled out, to get access even to the smallest services. Why did I need to provide my work phone number to a free email service? And what’s up with the twenty-something security-questions about my mother’s birtplace, my favorite color, and the name of my pet? Don’t you think I can remember the password I chose by myself? Hmm… Then the time came were security became an even higher factor, so now the password suddenly had to be at least X characters long, include Y, and be changed at least four times per week. What’s the message? It was annoying! Obviously lots of services need specific data for specific purposes, but to all web service providers out there: Simplify your registration processes! It’s nice for companies to gather tons of information about your users. But seriously, go and use AdWords or Facebook Adds or something to spread your spam. Don’t send me personalized emails on my birthday. There is no need for collecting more data than necessary, and the user doesn’t want to provide more data than the user feels comfortable about. And that amount is shrinking as privacy concerns continue to grow. Therefore, dear web service providers, consider what you need? In most cases an email address and associated password is really enough. Need payment? Ok, a billing address and payment details. Not a work-phone number and favorite color.

Alternatively developers may also consider using login systems such as OpenID or Facebook Connect. It enables you to create a login functionality on your website, and the user avoids to create yet another account somewhere. Chances are, you might actually get more new users this way. Give it a shot!

User-registration: So useful, yet so hated, 4.7 out of 5 based on 14 ratings
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