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Serve the niche markets successfully

Friday, September 3rd, 2010 by Servage

There are thousands of webshops out there. Many of then are unfortunately trying to replicate the success of another great store, and thereby often creating a less qualitative experience, adding confusion to the overall marketplace. Competition as such is a good thing, but many poorly operated webshops are simply cluttering the picture for consumers, making it hard and tiresome to find the good stores. Therefore, in my opinion, mainstream products are already being distributed through their respective channels, and it is very hard to get in on the market with a service on the same level. Or do you think your home-brewed webstore can compete with, unless there is something fuzzy going on?

There is, however, great potential if you realize and accept the market situation, and focus on a special market segment or product type. New ventures have great success with serving just one or few special needs. Like the other day I stumbled upon an Internet marketplace for various artists, trying to generate revenue from their own art. The portal was not just having a good business model for itself, but also enabled others to make a living by selling their home-made products.

Starting a portal or marketplace may be a too big mouthfull, but the point is not to copy that particular concept, but to think outside the box. How can you create something that can benefit others and yourself at the same time? Find a niche! If you identify a product group, or market that is not yet being served in the best possible way, try to see if you can do it. How about a webstore shipping speciality-beer to Chineese customers? Or a store specialized in bottle-openers? These particular ideas may be useless, but if you find somthing that fits the concept: Can it be sold cheaper? Do people want to buy it? Can the buying experience be improved? Then act on it! Create your webstore today, with the products you think can lead to successfull sales. I personally believe you have a much higher potential and chance of success with that, instead of just openeing yet another online store for electronics.

If you have a Servage hosting account, it’s very easy to get started with your own store. Simply install osCommerce directly from the Autoinstaller in the control panel, and you’re up and running today!

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Hi Jakob.

Some great thoughts and general advice here… but it seems that the translator has been slacking ;)

Thanks for the feedback. I apologize for any mistakes you might find in the text. Being a non-native English speaker, the language sometimes tricks me ;-)

You are right! Once I read that the more you go to your audience the more your audience will come to you. My niche are women and now I have narrowed it down to beauty: plastic surgery, cosmetic treatments in Sydney. I believe the more I understand the topic the easier it is to understand what those women want to know about it to really help them with good content.

I have just sent this article to one of our clients as we had a big argument around a creation of a webshop. The hard thing for a person running a business is not to muddle things up and loos focuse of their core idea of the shop. If you catering for a niche marked then you really have to go the whole way and be the best thing you can be in that particular marked segment.


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