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Showing your content on a map

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010 by Servage

Geotagging has become one of the new buzz words in the Internet industry. Lots of popular services are introducing new location-based products. Facebook introducing places, Flickr showing of pictures on a map, sports applications tracking your fittness activities, mobile phone applications automaically finding resources near you, restaurants, bus stops and more. All these services, new and old, are making heavy use of mobile devices, cameras, and other GPS enabled devices to automatically capture and submit location data. Of course we all like the ease of automated systems, but aren’t we forgetting about all other – existing – content on the Internet? A whole lot of content out there is somehow related to a specific location. News, blog-entries, scientific and historical articles, and much more. Wouldn’t it be cool to open an online map and see the Internet content available for that particular area? I think so! Geotagging websites definitely opens up for a whole new way of searching and experiencing content, so get out there and tag your websites, blogs etc.

How to do it?

Well, unfortunately I don’t know a smart system that can automatically tag your website about your vacation in Rome to the actual coordinates of Rome on the world map, but thankfully it’s not that hard after all. HTML5 for example has embedded functionality to add location data for every website, so search engines can index it, and later show it on a map in a geographical search. Example of location information as HTML tags:

<meta name="geo.position" content="59.321981;18.017578" />
<meta name="ICBM" content="59.321981, 18.017578" />

There are some pretty interesting articles about geo-tagging and geo-locating, based on user location on the web. Check out this and this.

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So, you’re suggesting that every webpage should have the geo data? How could that be done easily?

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