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Professional portraits for your online appearance

Friday, May 14th, 2010 by Servage

Everyone is one Facebook, everyone is on Twitter, everyone is LinkedIn, everyone is… having a ton of profiles online in various social networking services. The more business-minded generally tend to have more serious profiles, but nevertheless it’s amazing what people put on their online presentations of themselves… Often not even protected from curious views from the general public. So think about what you upload – especially when you don’t limit it’s publication to your own friends.

An interesting offer I stumbled upon the other day introduced low-cost professional photography. This in itself is not really a new thing, but linking it with social media is. A specific target could be to get people to spend a few bucks on a few really good shots of themselves. It would really spice up the quality of their online profiles, instead of the never ending stream of bad, unsharp, poorly lighted, ridiculously dressed, vacation photos people use of themselves all the time. It’s funny, how most people are very aware of their appearances “in real life”, but when it comes to the online world, it appears as if those rules no longer apply. Maybe we feel shielded by some anonymous protective wall, but we all know, we aren’t… What happens online unfortunately never stays online… Think of that! Look good!

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I think they don’t have to be made by a professional but just be simple clean and straight to the point. If they look too professional I believe one looks a little desperate, so a balance between the holiday snaps and the once made in the studio would be my suggestion to use.

the image has same important as the reality.

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