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Touch mouse, so what?

Sunday, January 24th, 2010 by Servage

Personally I have to admit that I am quite the little Apple maniac when it comes to IT products. A topic that often raises many eyebrows, when getting into the classic Windows vs. Linux vs. Mac discussions… Normally being quite faithful and happy with Apple’s products, I also have to admit that they in my opinion have failed miserably at least once in recent history! Namely with their so called Mighty Mouse. The concept seemed pretty good. Take a regular mouse, make it look good, and ad a scroll-wheel that enables vertical and horizontal scroll. Unfortunately the wheel constantly clutters up with dirt, so it won’t work properly after a while. The buttons sometimes didn’t react properly etc. I ended up throwing away three of them for those reasons. So, good concept, but poor product. Shit happens.

Now, Apple has released a new mouse a couple of months ago called Magic Mouse. The concept here is pretty much the same: Simple mouse, good looking, with vertical and horizontal scroll. Except: The scroll is not by swiping the fingers up/down or left/right on the mouse’s touch surface. Pretty clever I thought, so I got one and have now been testing it for a while. And working a lot online, with coding and graphics, I guess that my experiences are those of an average web-developer.

First of all, the so called Magic Mouse really looks nice. There is no doubt that Apple does master the packaging and product design better than most other companies. The functionality of the mouse itself is good. It works as intended. I find that the rather “heavy” click force needed for the left and right mouse button takes a little time to get used-to, but is neither a disadvantage or advantage. My main focus was the scrolling functionality. And it really works. I love every time I have to narrow browser windows, because I get to use the scroll again and again… And for regular computer use it is pretty good. However, there are situations where the mouse has it’s limitations. To ease the scrolling, the touch panel utilizes the momentum of you movement to understand how much you wish to scroll. I find this great for large scrolling distances, but at the same time the mouse has difficulties scrolling in minimum steps. For example when zooming in or out of a map, you have a hard time scrolling step-by-step, because you lack the physical feedback that most regular scroll-wheels offer.

My summary of this little product review is that touch mice definitely is an interesting concept that I think we will see much more of in the future. Apple’s approach is definitely a good start, but it needs further development to become really good. At this point I would let people decide for themselves if price-tag of about EUR 69.00 is fair, instead of giving a recommendation.

This was a little out-of-the-ordinary article about a computer peripheral. If you know about more accessories that are relevant or interesting for advanced computer users, web-developers etc., please let us know by commenting to this article.

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I have a Magic Mouse and agree with the write-up but the default behaviour of it left me asking for more, so I found some more… There are a couple of utility apps now that extend the standard Magic Mouse options and they really make the mouse much better. I use BetterTouch Tool by Andreas Hegenberg ( It’s worth checking out.

I can’t find fault with the mouse itself but the gestures (at the moment) are lacking especially in the Expose department. While there are third party solutions I really hop Apple add further options to take advantage of the multitouch.

Your writing is very elegant, very vivid and lively, I really like you, wish you continued to write better articles, I will often try to concern, oh!

I don’t like the Magic Mouse, i hate apple.

Wow, tough words!

Wow, thanks for the insightful post. I look forward to reading more from you.

A+ would read again

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