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Your daily fix of entrepreneurial ideas

Friday, January 8th, 2010 by Servage

How do you like your coffee in the morning? I like it black, but together with my emails and the (online) newspaper. I guess we all have our morning routines (or should we call them rituals?) where we go through a series of more or less useful steps in order to get ready for the awaiting challenges of the day. Most people are very different, but in terms of mornings I suppose we can be divided into two groups: Those who can get up in the morning, and those who can’t. I normally find myself in the second group, which means that I need to have a more or less slow start to the day… It often involves me waking up to the gentle tunes of my iPhone alarm at around 0600, while being reminded of the purpose of an alarm again about 15 minutes later by the not-so-gentle second wake-up setting, featuring the very annoying sound, which quite suitably is called “alarm”. If someone was to watch me in the morning, I suppose it would look very much like a movie played in slow-motion… And when I finally get to the kitchen for breakfast, I have my very special little “kickstart-the-brain-trick”. While eating a small breakfast and drinking black coffee, I scan through my mails (you woudn’t belive the stuff I receive at night…), read the news headlines and then I turn my attention to It is a website that features entrepreneurial ideas from all over the world. They are often related to the online world, but also many offline ideas are presented. This daily dose of ideas somehow magically makes my mind go spinning off in various directions, and there I am: Fully awake!

For anyone out there who is interested in what other people’s startups do, or just if you enjoy learning about new and innovative ideas, then I can highly recommend that you take a look at on a regular basis.

Have fun exploring cool business ideas!

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This is a moneymaking goldmine.

Hey Ola – Thanks very much for this perfectly written article and the link you provided. I loved the article because I fall under the second group too and that is very sad :)

I confused the name of the writer, sorry – please fix it. is a great site for entrepreneurs – one of the few sources on the web for consistently good content for aspiring business people.

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