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Yahoo closes Geocities. What happens to your website?!

Monday, October 26th, 2009 by Servage

Yahoo has decided to shut down GeoCities today, rendering thousands of users’ home-pages unserviceable. Yahoo is doing this in order to follow a business strategy that focuses more on Yahoo’s core businesses. However, this basically leaves the normal guy, with his homepage, in the dark. Literally. After today all GeoCities’ homepages will no longer work, and the users’ content deleted irrevocably.

What should you do?

If you are a GeoCities users, you are encouraged to move your website to Servage Hosting. This will ensure your site continues to be online and available. Servage actually offers a 30% DISCOUNT to all GeoCities users that switch to Servage using the coupon code GEOC. Thereby you will get the attractive One Solution hosting package that fulfills all your hosting needs, including lots of webspace (750 GB), data transfer (7500 GB per month), databases (unlimited), email (unlimited) and customer service (24/7). Furthermore you get to use the available tools in the Servage Control Panel, like the Autoinstaller, which can quickly help you along, if you want to setup a more advanced website, with a blog, e-shop, content management or similar.

Do you know any GeoCities users?

If you are already a Servage customer and know people that are being shut out by GeoCities today, you can refer them to Servage. For a limited time of one month (until November 26th 2009) Servage provides a double referral bonus for referring new customers to Servage from GeoCities. That means not only gets the new customer a 30% discount, both the existing and the new customer also get 4 months of free hosting each on top of that.

Why GeoCities users should switch to Servage

Servage is a well-known hosting company with many years of experience in the Internet business. Servage hosts 185501 websites as we speak, which are used by people all over the world. Feel free to browse the Servage Magazine or website for further information about the possibilities, and please don’t hesitate to contact the Servage support if you have any questions.

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Yahoo are going the same way as Google, Ning, MySpace, Facebook, and others who have totally lost touch with their membership and, quite honestly, have no idea what the public want and, anyway, have no intention of putting themselves out for anyone. The first stage in any of this deterioration is when these sites remove any feedback or support links so that we cannot complain about what is happening. They are not even slightly interested in what we want. They have a fixed “greedy” agenda which follows in the wake of fat cat bankers where money is first, second and only motive for existence.

It’s a sad reflection on the USA’s way of doinbg business.

I hope we don’t “follow suit”.

I’ll promote the code GEOC but how will I benefit? As you won’t know who referred your new customer.


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how do i get credit and what referral code do i use for geocities refugees?

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