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New Control Panel – with Web 2.0 look!

Thursday, September 17th, 2009 by Steffan Sondermark

Lately we have improved our backend considerably with new clustered file systems and the secure high performance ServageOS. Now the time has come to a complete overhaul of the control panel layout we have used the last five years!

The new layout is considerably easier to use and includes many web 2.0 components, such as interactive help from the wiki and complete uptime reports. The navigation has been made more dynamic making the control panel faster to use.

One of the added benefits with this new CP is that it is designed to make it easier to add new functionality to our service. This will ensure that our service remains state of the art.

All enhancements have been made with our customers in mind and we hope that everyone will appreciate the changes. It is however a large change in the control panel so minor issues might occur and we hope that you will report such issues and improvement suggestions to us at

The interface is online already so be sure to login to your account and check it out!

New Control Panel - with Web 2.0 look!, 2.9 out of 5 based on 88 ratings
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148 comments (leave a comment)

Good effort, and this is my opinion only, but don’t like it, much preferred the old layout. New one feels too messy

I love the new design which is now also efficiently using the space of wide-screen monitors!
Thanks a lot! :]

It’s very easy to use and I really like it a lot. Thanks. Keep it up !!!

nice change indeed!

It would be nice to have an option to use the previous control panel. The file editor on this version is terrible, buggy and hard to update.


Absolutely brillaint with the new overhaul! I like it very much indeed it is all SO much easier to navigate around in! And not having to reaload a new page everytime you want a subpage is just pure <3! Great work! Now you just need to give the frontpage an overhaul :P

Like the new layout, but the speed!! DAMN, I’ve NEVER EVER seen worse performance from a controlpanel than what the new one gives!

It’s so slow that it even drags the performance down for my PC, it stalls and have severe loading time…
I hope that issue is just integration problems and will be solved soon…

The new controlpanel looks awful.
It looks like back to the beginning of webdesigning end 1990.

Another issue is that people who use the spamfilter will have to go to each and every email adress seperately to check what is in the spamfilter.
in previous controlpanel you could at least choose to see list from all email account at once and delete all at once.

Great change BUT there is a BUT:
less control on our domains and function!!!

Try to add a custom TXT in your DNS: you cannot do it!!! Or try to assign priority to MX mail server…

Then, when you want to add a “catchall” email forward, you cannot find a line where this is explained.

Anyway, great interface, but I want all the old functionalitys.


You write “MB” instead of “GB” on the frontpage showing space-usage of the controlpanel.

Very nice work! Like the jQuery/Ajax functions ;)

Love the looks, even on a 4:3 screen.
Most things seem to work fine, nice job.
Don’t like the new way to check my e-mail accounts, it’s not as fast as it was and it takes to many steps, this will take me an hour every day instead of 3 minutes, but I’m sure you guys/girls gonna fix that.
A choice between the new and the old doesn’t sound so bad….and the “MB” instead of “GB”, typical typ0.

Cheers, Rob.

Where are all the basic functions? At least FTP, mail accounts? Either they are carefully hidden or not present. But hey, billing section is already there!

loads very slow, the design is to wide, specialy for wide screens. don’t like it

Wow, this is a massive improvement – thanks.

Renewing domains is not working yet, it tried to send me to the old control panel or something….

The file editor on this version is terrible terrible terrible, and database backup dont work. And stil only 2,048 kib import i PhpMyadmin. Please set import i PhpMyAdmin higher.

I absolutely HATE this control panel, get the old one back.
Url’s used to be clickable in the old stats but not here,
clearing the logs I get asked “do you really want to do this”
what is this,,, fucking windows vista???

It would be nice to have an option to use the previous control panel. In this version isn’t possible to import a file to send a mailing. Trying to delete a subscriber, I deleted all the list. Big problem

Very nice layout, but some buttons are gone….cannot find them anymore. Like the advanced button to import csv file for sending a mail to many ppl. But i think i get used to the new look

Great upgrade, really I loved the new layout and the page load very fast with no Java Script errors

Also I noticed some features decreased which was existing in the old control panel, would be better to see all old functions and also looking for more powerful, new functions :)



GUI wise it looks nice, but functionality I think it under performs in comparison to the last control panel. My

#1 annoyance is the new text editor. When updating a file it refreshes a page, looses your position of where you were editing and looses the ability to undo action with ctrl+z.

#2 I can only upload files in my root directory. As soon as I try to upload a file deeper down it gets a 404 error.

I think this COULD be a better design if it was worked on more, but at the moment it definitely needs improving. I look forward to it’s improvements, updates and bug fixes.

ok so it looks pretty – but the other CP worked great :(

dont like change… :P

There is problem and much errors with the servage editor!

It shows only few lines then breaks and the rest of code will be viewed outside the editor frame.

I like the graphical change I suppose but where’s all the functionality gone?? I can’t view my contact details only change my email. I can’t access/change admin, contact details to domains like I used to and when I hit “info” to access this on the domain panel, I get a DNS settings message saying all is well – no info??

There seem to be bugs in this and I’m not convinced or happy that a lot of the control has been taken away from us “paying customers”, please put it back! Surely that’s the point of the word control before the word panel!

Also, this should be a beta version and not a straight replacement, there’s too much wrong with it, judging by some of the comments on here and I haven’t delved in that far yet.

When I signed up to Servage it had a hell of a lot more user level control and features. Gradually this seems to be disappearing, Why?

Dont like this one bit. Lost or cannot access e-mails. Tried setting up mail client, as per instructions, still cant log in. So god only knows what work I am missing. Think I will seeking a new company soon.

It looks great, but it is crappy like hell.
It is not even worth to call it a beta-release, because it lacks features from the previous version. Let’s call this thing “CP2 alpha-1 edition”.
As long as this beast does not make it to the status “mature”, please give us at least the option to switch back to the old CP.

Servage you have a big problem. Listen to your user comments on this page – please allow us to have an option to switch back to the old control panel. It was pretty much perfect and the only reason I chose Servage over other hosting options.

Jake Lambert
Priority Nursing, PLLC.

It is a total mess, as I am now unable to log in despite requesting help yesterday already, and having sent my ID etc. The old one was working perfectly OK as far as I’m concerned, and nowhere do I remember having been asked if we (the customers) want an upgrade. Poor service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An option to use the old CP would be great. Less functionality with the new one and what remains doesn’t all work correctly, which there really isn’t any excuse for.

A big step backwards.

Just logged in and wow. Looks allot more 2000AD than 80’s… I see people having a few problems though. Have to make changes now and again to remain competitive and current. I’ll work with the new style site for a bit now and see what I think. I agree with one comment I didn’t know this was going to happen. NAUGHTY! But think it looks better all the same. It’s still clean or cleaner than it was. I’ve seen messier control panels! And at least the customer service actually gets back to you! One company I was with listed a telephone number that when I had need to call them stated on an answer phone message “we don’t have a telephone service” ????? There are a few things that I would change on the new design but everything works as normal for me.

The new control panel is not working, it is a mess. Backup dont work, file editor is terrible… get back to the old control panel, an everybody wil be happy.

The file editor on this version is terrible, backup of database dont work, bad bad bad control panel, let us get the old back…

It looks good, I’m sure it will work great.
Good job!

I must admit I love it, a little strange to get used to however it gave me some ideas I’ve been wanting to implement into my own site :D nice job servage.

Good job ! It’s nice, love it.

Honestly I like the ergonomy of the new version. I browsed the majority of the CP features in 2 clicks. I particularly love the new dashboard and the status of different services in the 1st page when u log on.
Obviously as with every new thing, it requires sometime to get used of, so don’t be put down by it.

I’m sure the change was done out of good intentions and Servage folks aren’t that thick to take away advanced features that were in the previous version, so if you encounter any, go go report bug instead of whining in the comments.


I insist…

I have no-problem with the new control panel.

I have several domains in several different directories in the root

Suddenly I tried to access a site and a 404 page appeared

When I open the control panel and I go to the new filemanager I found that several directories with the (*) sign -that means that are domain directories) have DISAPPEARED with all the information in them!!!!!!!

The answered tickets by the team do not solve anything until now. The only solution I have found is to re-create a directory and now I am uploading a backup by ftp that will take a time… and I do not know if finally my domains will work ok.

In all thsi time hundreds of vistors cannot access my sites… and several search engines will inform that those pages send an 404 page and will ban my pages… so I will not be listed in next indexes… and my page rank will go down in Google… and so.

Interesting this change for me…

Hidde coments is not a good commercial practice…

Personally I prefer the old version, which seemed more intuitive use.

1. Looks great; performance is terrible.
2. Pages load very slowly – over a minute for some.
3. Have to check mail validation one email account at a time.
4. Can’t tell much more about it. I am still waiting for a page to open. It’s at 3 minutes and 45 seconds right now. Guess I’ll try another day.
5. Captcha still needs work. Very hard to tell some letters apart, especially g and q


Very nice, Good job to Servage team.

The file editor is blurry. Could you fix this?


I’m using Firefox 3.0.13 on Windows Vista.

Otherwise I like. The look is “friendlier.” Now let’s see how it works…

I like the new acp, I have not had any problems in it, yet… My question to those who comment here, why the hell do you edit your files in the editor?!?!

Good design and good functions for now! nice job!

In the menu, please add “expand all” & “contract all” buttons.
To easy expand and contract the menu.

I don’t like the new CP.
The create folder in file mngr just hung.
Folder not created.

I will soon start looking for another webhotel,
if you don’t give us the old CP back as an option.

Looks good but upon using it….well I’ve been waiting 10 minutes for the email forwarder to sort its self out. :(

great thanks

nice change in the look
but no change in the function !!
the CP especially the file manager misses some great needs
a- the ability to copy files
b- the ability to zip files
c- and the surprise is that I can’t take a one-file backup for my files, and I have to download them with ftp which in most cases is something catastrophic especially for forums !!

The new Control Panel looks nice, but so far it doesn’t work for me.

Seems like you CP server is completely overloaded. I’ve attempted 10 times to create an email forwarder, and now no CP pages will load. :(

Hope you get it sorted out because not having the email forwarder working has cost me affiliates.

New Control Painel Excelent!
Good Work.

I don’t like the new one.The old one was much better.I liked servage because of the CP.
All the j-query ajax things it’s nice but not affective and frustrating to work with.For people spending lot’s of time in CP this is a nightmare CP.THe old one.I hope you bring it back !I just sign up with other hosting that use DirectAdmin for my new client because I don’t like to work with this new panel!all this sliding things and extra pop ups sucks to work with?This is’ not a web site,it CP.come on people.If I don’t have options for selection old one end of the year I’m gone for good.Because I spend lot’s of time in CP and this one is BAH!

@Thomas , why the hell are you edit files in editor?WTF was that?

I like it so far. The only thing I don’t like is that in my protected directory I have some 500 clubmembers and the usernames are visible all over the screen. The ‘add user’, ‘delete user’ etc. is situated on top of those usernames. Not nice :(
Maybe a scroll possibility for the list of usernames??

I like the idea of revamping the website, but why, oh why, do we have to go down the route of making everything flashy and complicated. The other cp might not have looked as modern, but was far better and far more usable and quickly. The new one is awful and difficult to use.

Please consider going back to the old one, or at least let uses choose which they want to use. My account with Servage isn’t far off being due to be paid and i’m not sure at this stage i’ll be staying with Servage. Pointless having an account with them if the control panel makes you think – do i really need to do something. It should be easy and intuitive – this isn’t.

To be quite honest, I’d rather pick this control panel interface any day. Trust me when I say I have seen plenty of web hosting websites with trying to improve their control panel interface for their customers and make an absolute back end of it. I think servage has done really really well in taking points from it’s customers in the direction of this interface.

I’ve been using servage now for about nearly 3 years, yes people will have to take time to adjust to the changes that have been made but for me, not only is it more effective in what I want to do, it has been simplified. Obviously there will be a few hickups which has been said on the news letter with the functionality and probably will soon be fixed, but I don’t get what all the ordeal is regarding why people don’t like the new interface? yes different customers have different opinions and as a customer, you want good stuff for your money (which servage certainly does) but at the same time, people forget, servage as a company needs to evolve just as much as customers do with their own service.

I welcome the change! ;)

Good work ! GREAT!!!!!!!!

Keep the good work !

Bravo from Greece

Looks like wordpress to me…

It’s also very slow etc. But a step in the right direction…

Hmm… I like the new design, only the features are harder to find and it’s full of useless graphics. I don’t need a little star / cog thing by my customer name.

However, the new file manager is terrible. It’s not in popups allowing you to only edit one page at a time, and because it doesn’t use AJAX, it doesn’t give the helpful status notifications on whether it has saved, and saving it reverts the text editor right to the top.

To be honest, I would prefer an older, functional design rather than this one which seems very awkward to operate.

Well.. Probably I just need the time to get use to the new design. Fro me it is a tool that I need so the functions are the primary for me. However sometimes things need to be refreshed. But I really don’t like those web2 things…

I like the new look, except for the statistics page – it is a pain to read, and the page links are no longer active – it’s nowhere near as friendly to use as the old system was.

The updated look is certainly nice, but I also have to complain about the downgraded functionality in certain areas. For one, I can no longer set a domain to “auto-renewal,” I don’t want to renew it until it’s about to expire. Another thing is, it used to say when your account expires in the “Account” section, but I’ve searched high and low and could not find anywhere that says that.

As for some of the other complaints in the comments: I do not use the built-in editor, and the performance does not seem any slower than before.

Servage: Progress/web 2.0 is good, but keep the functionality of the old and everyone will be happy.

Damn it’s good. Congratulations to everybody who worked on it ^^

it’s prettier.

I would prefer better individual website advanced statistics.
Some graphing addons

Ability to leave all menus expanded.

More help videos. Hint: record and youtube some. :) (forms, etc)

Let me hear it “Yes we can”

Servage really had something good going with this update… Until they called it “Web 2.0″

What is this, 2006? Not to mention, it’s not “Web 2.0″ at all.

Best! better than best! but it takes a while to get used to it…………:)
no I am waiting for more preinstalled scripts,lazy as I am.

i hate this news version.. please have an option to use old version.. new version is too slow

If you spend lot’s of time working in CP and if you use the editor to write and edit code this panel is not better than the old one.Old one was perfect for people who are working everyday in the CP.This one is ok .
Nothing spacial ,some crapy made slow loading web 2 functions.I don’t need that ,clicking on the menu and wait for to slide down to click the actual button that I need.All those extra clicks and pop ups.
The editor sucks big time.From such great editor to work with you change to a small box .

You all know the servage is no that good and stable,the reason I was with servage for such long time is because I liked the CP and it was perfect to work with.This change gives me the reason to stop my hosting end of this year and go further with another hosting company which means taking all of my clients with me and not referring this hosting anymore!
I don’t like to work in this kind environment.

This is CRAP!!!!! I used to be able to get things done with a minimum of fuss, and now things just do not work. I can’t even sent out a newsletter to our members as the newsletter function just hangs. A critical feature for us & I am on the verge of pulling the pin. NOT good work.

The new version has a lot of bugs! Please give us the choise to use the previous version.

Well, it’s prettier, but you’ve actually removed the function I use it for the most – clicking on the links to referring pages. The referral page is still there, but the referring page URLs aren’t links any more. Now I have C&P into the address bar if I want to see who is linking to my website.

Honestly – Servage has the worst cpanel of any webhost I’ve used, and this upgrade isn’t an upgrade – it’s redecoration. An upgrade implies that you have added or improved features. You haven’t. You have, if fact, made the functionality even worse. I’m a web developer, so I know that looks are an important feature of a website – however, I think in this case your time would have been better spend improving the functionality of the cpanel.

For example – how many times people are downloading non-html files. If you tracked that information, maybe you would have been able to tell me how 3TB of bandwidth was burned up overnight when the only large file I had uploaded was a half hour amateur hockey match of interest to only 20 – 30 people. Or tracking image files? I don’t want to enable hotlink protection, but I would like to know if someone is using my images without permission. These are basic features I’ve had with FREE websites – it’s ridiculous that a paid service isn’t offering them.

I have been trying to log into my control panel for 2 days now, i tried resetting the password but i didn’t get any validation link, can you guys please look into it before you drive me nuts???

RUBBISH change to the control panel … where has all my stuff gone !?!?!??!?! …. nah ! bring backt he old layout with ALL the data !!!

Amazing, i like it so much.

I really hate the new cpanel. The old one was much better.

It’s pretty but my mailing lists doesn’t works!!! thanks,

I agree with everyone else, the old design was much more easier to navigate, and seemed to have more information. New design might be more fashionable, but its not worth the time we have to spend trying to navigate through this maze. Took me a while to find the FTP accounts. =[

For those amazed guys wtf is amazing ?Nothing works you morons !

The new panel design is very nice, but you get used to the new distribution of elements.

I like it a lot. Thanks!

Filemanager edit text-area “breaks” when the php/html file you’re editing contains /textarea closing tag, this end-tag closes the editor textarea itself :(. I suppose that saving those files will delete the rest of the file. (replying to “alan”, yes, sometimes using http online filemanager is the only way where FTP isn’t available)
So yes, graphics/layout is “pretty”, wordpress-style panel. But the issues are there so we would have appreciated to have both versions available until the new one passes beta phase.

Do not like the new upgrade at all. Cannot find anything and cannot find the url’s I used before, but when I asked Servage where I can find the new url in their panel and gave them the old url they told me they do not know how to find it. I’m far from being impressed. My whole site is at a stand still now.

We absolutely need the option of whether we want to use the old control panel over the new.

The new interface is cleaner but how do i change the folder where my domain name points? There’s quite a bit that I can’t do in the new control panel. Web designers and internet marketers loved the old servage layout because of its capabilities. What now?

Sorry to say but I am seriously considering moving my whole account to another host ASAP,
I can’t work with this rubbish and it’s taking me twice as long to do what I need to do.


Why is the Control Panel so slow? It has taken me 20 mins to get to the support ticket box!

And why do we have to delete only ONE spam email and then have to wait 15 – 20 mins for the page to refresh before we can delete another one? That means they are coming in faster than we can delete them!

Why can’t we have check boxes next to each spam email in the Manual Validation page and a delete button at the bottom, so we can delete as many of them as we want to with one click, rather like with Squirrel Mail emails?

Les :(

It looks nice but we seem to have lost quite a bit of useful functionality. What has happened, for instance, to the Statistics “Overview” page? Please bring it back!

This is great… It looks much better…

How do I change the name servers in this new interface of Servage ???????
Used to be sooooo simple procedure in the old-one. Have already lost an hour trying to figure it out,
but am just about to give up.
Please help.


if this is change for the sake of change then why not just go Cpanel and really annoy me even furhter.

Cron jobs is a joke and test is not working, trying to delete cron jobs takes forever and like another
pissed off vista person says the “do you really want to do that” is a pain and needs be clicked many times to get
deleted. Overall it stinks, looks pretty enough but the old one worked better.

The ease of use has gone completely like in virtual server, stats and file manager are all terrible slow.

This hosting is not cheap so I expect a reasonable level of use ability like previous version
I am considering another hosting company, Domanin renewal is too expensive as are unique IP which are still on the same C block so why charge $25 for that??? SUCKS big ti,e

ooo come on give us back the old version, or at least the choice to choose which one to use. I hate the new version

It’s very nice and smooth. Thanks Servage!

i agree with most the users, the old control panel was better, we all rather a functional CP than a simple redesign where everything is more difficult. Make an effort improving the functionality and not just the look, and please improve your mysql servers…

Mis some funtionality, works slower , is slower.

Thumbs down for new control panel. Cumbersome and does not add anything compared to old interface. Option to switch to old panel would be very helpful, especially when trying to validate emails – what were you thinking there!

I preferred the old panel. Maybe bacause I was used to it. The old one was more clear. As some other has sad, you could let the option of the old panel.

Looks great! The old interface beat useability of Cpanel and GoDaddy hands down, now they gave it a face lift!

Perfect !!!!!
greetings Belgium

Well. its not often that a company goes from a stable, efficient working website to one that is a complete mess…
BUT I would say that servage has managed this remarkable feat with ease !
I will soon have to start looking for another webhost service.

The old control panel worked fine, tbh I don’t care about the aesthetics because it was so functional and ergonomical. Now everything has changed, it looks, in my humble opinion, much worse and is too basic (apart from blog and wiki entries. I don’t care about them), and functions a lot worse than cPanel and all the others.

Should we not have the option to change by October when I am renewing my domain and hosting, I will simply have to change. Sorry, but I’d prefer cPanel and that’s a lot cheaper.

please can we have the old fashioned look back, it’s MUCH better on low-bandwidth.

i was working on a project.The CP is frozen I can’t do anything.I’m trying to login with other browsers but I can’t log in.WTF the whole project looks deformed now and I can’t change it ! Really !You are the shit!But not that shit ,bull shit!I can’t believe this!

I’m locked out. The system no longer recognizes me!!!
Contacting, support and bugs mail …

Looks awesome guys!
Reminds me a bit too much or wordpress however…. But still a nice change.

I think the new CP is great!!! Good looking, blazing fast…. averages at 300ms per pageload (measured with firebug). I also like the clever use of cache headers so the browser does not download files twice. Had some problems with the filemanager the first day but that is fixed now. So over all, GREAT work!!!

A pity the customers were not involved in the design of the new interface. If the DNS / SPF records are not customisable to the level they used to be, and we have no way of altering them manually, I’m afraid we will have to move all of our domains and websites away from Servage. Yes it’s that bad.

Hi there,

looks fine for me. Will check it out in detail now.

Thanks & Regards


The new one misses some of the possibility’s of the old one, and I want htm back !!

Who came up with the idea that such important interfaces need to be redesigned?????

Just why why why to even attempt to fix what was not broken and worked just fine? The best look is a FAMILIAR one if something is used as a tool.

If you guys really want to waste time for such re-designs you must implement it gradually, and you ABSOLUTELY MUST have both interfaces running at the same time for a very significant period of time, possibly few years, YES – years. This at least would minimize a lot of negative comments including this one from myself.

Those who like constant changes, could use the new interface, if the look is that important, and the other, conservative crowd, who need quick an reliable functionality would have an option using a familiar interface. And, since most people really are curious, every one in a while everyone would try the new interface, and if it really is that good, they’d switch.

So far, for me it’s nowhere near even close to the old one with the functionality, and I don’t really like the new look, neither this nor the new looks of the vast majority web-sites who implemented new looks recently. There are exceptions, of course, but sorry to say this is not the one.

It really IS THAT important.

Thank you.

new panel is cool but
menu is stealen from wordpress lol :))

much preferred it when the left sidebar was expanded……please set it to expanded by default

I don’t like this very much, where is everything? Please give us an option to change back to the old panel.

Crap……now I can not even get to my e-mail at all anymore, it’s getting crappier every day, please trow this new interface in to the wast bin and bring back the old one.
Lots of work you have done looks like a friggin wast of time……

Don’t like the new CP… PLEASE GET THE OLD ONE BACK!!!
Or at least an option to choose which one to use.

I cant access my account

Nice Servage number one i love servage :) new panel Danish language litle bug check pls :)

The new control panel is beatifull. but i’m not sure how usefull it is.. sure there are problems…

I found the interface lighter and more convenient. thank you

Now I just feel so un-web 2.0 I can’t for the life figure out how to do anything with this new CP. It’s hurting my pride at being computer intuitive due to having used them for my whole life.

Either way I’m sure once I figure out how to actually . . .do something it will grow on me as their is always resistance to change at first but I do like it fitting my widescreen though.

Good points: Looks good

Bad points: Hangs constantly, broken links, very slow.

This interface is not yet ready for release and should be removed or at least the option to use the old one should be available while you test it.

I cannot access my Control Panel

“Denied Login Attempt
You are not allowed to access the controlpanel from this Host due to limits configured in your account”

I have not configured any limits in my account. Bring back the old CP that worked.

I keep getting errors for every other menu. “Warning: Link is broken. Would you like to report it?” I would applaud the design if it worked.

Oh dear, the old layout was functional and worked really well and this new pleb2 version does niether. Shame really you were the greatest web host ever. So many companies make what they think are improvements this one is not. Facebook keep doing the same thing.

I have to say im not a big fan of the new look. In my opinion changing the font to something nice and round like tahoma or century gothic and also changing the red log out button that looks ugly would improve it. Otherwise it seems to work quite well for me

The new control panel made whats bad a worse situation. Previously I was encountering lots of problems with the service. Now Im having huge amount of disconfort not because of the way the panel looks. But rather more then few of the services thats suppose to be provided are not functioning (shared ssl and htacess password maker are just few examples).

Yea so – a suppose simple visual update could turn in to a disaster: Well now that shows what our server provider is really capable of.

Looks good – smels damn (and i mean DAMN) bad.

I dont really know why you come up with this new Control Panel but it is not working for me at all I must say. I rather prefer the old cPanel which is very simple, user-friendly and concise.

None of the menu in the new panel is leading anywhere.

I dont even know how to access MYSQL admin page, locate the filemanager and even update my customer data.

It is really frustrating. I keep getting in and out of loops and my payment info is not been accepted.

Can we go back to the one we are used to until you make a headway with this?

I am all for changing IF it brings a BETTER and more EFFICIENT tool…. but I am afraid this one IS NOT.
Very very slow.
In the Emai / AntiSpam System … the Manual Validation is VERY SLOW, 10 steps Backward…..
I was very happy until now with but this is taking so much of my time I am looking to swich to an other supplier…
Get your act together ASAP…. before you have made too much damages.
It is a real shame you are normally pretty good at your work but not so much this time.
A very Unhappy Customer.

I made a comment yesterday …. which was not too complimentary.
But it is not appearing on the website …. are you obsturcting our views even the not so good ones.
You send me a reply to my ticket saying that you have a bug that needs to be sorted out….
In the mean time you should (MUST) revert to the last WORKING Control Panel while working on a Beta until is is properly working….
Nicolas… : -(

Is this why I cannot access my mail for over a day now?

Getting used to it now, it’s not intuitive but it certainly looks nicer then the old one.

In the file editor is a bug; if you leave the symbol set as default and your file has a copyright symbol in it, upon saving the file gets stripped out from the copyright onwards – clearly not a desirable action ;)

I do not have speed issues with this control panel, not navigation wise, it’s fast for me. Using Firefox 3.5.3 with all addon’s disabled. Perhaps it’s slow on other browsers or slow with some addon?

I’d like to see a forum or some area where users can communicate together. The wiki is not really the place for that. If necessary I could setup a forum on my site.

I like the look and feel of the new control panel but I’d prefer an option to go back to the old version as I am not quite ready to change just yet!

yea guess what – statics page doesnt work and even if you click on switch advanced statics options . it says its enabled
but once you log off or close the browser and re access it again couple of mins later. What do you see? Can you guess?
Yes thats right. Advanced statics are turned offf.
yea that the way.

Ps: İn what sort fo sane mind would we not require advanced statics since even the current state (with the advanced statics on) we get the worst of the worst of statics.
Ive mentioned before i mention again – the statics script sucks like hell. And now you even reduce it with enableing and disabling it is kinda ironic and funny.

Man – you never stop to impress me thats im sure.

it looks fresh and clean thats what I always wanted.

Keep up the good work!


Masa Örtüsü

Oh, dear. Looks pretty, but is buggier than an ant hill.
I’d much appreciate it, if you’d leave the old panel available as an option until this new one works a bit more smoothly.

How long will we endure this disconfort. That im wondering out loud

The last comment i see is from October 2, it is now Oktober 6.
Are you working on something with the cPanel?, let us know, alot of people having problems with it…as you can see in the comments…


Oh, this is infuriating! My stats haven’t been activated? Funny how they were active two weeks ago. And the two weeks before that. And every two weeks for the last four years! I know this because I have a spreadsheet recording my site stats since 2005. Except now I have a ten day hole in my stats because they ‘haven’t been activated’.

Also – I’d like to see the view stats for my top 500 pages, please. I used to be able to do that, but now the drop-down box says 500 and still shows me the same 50 that were there before.

Yes, you made it look nice – but if you take a moron and put him in a sharp suit, you haven’t made a businessman, you’ve made a moron in a suit. This ‘upgrade’ is dressing up an epic fail.

I don’t like the new CP and I’ll appreciate you set a choice to let us use the one of our liking.

I’m having a lot of trouble finding functions! .. took forever to find the password generator. .. now I lost it again. Actually responding to an earlier post, I think going cpanel would be a dramatic improvement! Password protecting directories is a breeze there, also many more fantastico php script options.

I can appreciate the work that goes into this, great work servage! however your last theme definatley looked nicer. This is very plain jane, ajax kinda looking html/javascript nightmare?

One more glitch in online File editor:
when saving a file the non-breaking spaces (nbsp) entities are unfortunately converted back to simple spaces :(

Awesome Job! I love it. :)

Would be nice to have a direct access to the helpdesk on the frontpage. Just try to get a ticket created when you cannot get the control panel started like NOW … 14 oct 2009

And regarding maintenance of spamming : it is a pain in the ??? going back to start for each other email address. At least provide us a per domain access of email setup.

Pity, because it has cost quite a lot of development time to do this.

Hi, nice effort and a cool looking cp. I like old style more though :)

And here comes an error, when in virtual host page, clicking document root (eg. / to go to filemanager for that virtual host, an error occurs (i think it is because the link is to the old system, so 404 occurs):

Error 404
The page could not be found. (invalid)

Our system has determined that you probably followed a link to our old control panel. We have introduced a new control panel in August 2009 which uses a better URL structure. Based on the attempted URL our system has guessed that you probably wanted to go here: DNS Settings

Incredible, that a company like Servage who wants to appear as professional, in a amateurish way initiates a system, which do not work !

The file editor on this new version do not work

Different, but easy when you learn to use it..


I have some suggestions for the “control panel”:
– A customizable dashboard so we could ad the most used links on the main-page
(for example: anti-spam, auto-installer scripts, …)
– A web-mail integration on the dashboard.

Best regards,
Jeroen Lambrichts

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