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What development tools are you using?

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009 by Servage

toolsIt often happens that people ask me what tools I am using for my development. Often it is friends or relatives who know I’m working with web development, and they want to start trying to give an own shot at a personal website, small web application or similar. Anyway, I often found myself explaining which programs, and why, I use for this, so I figured this may be interesting for some of you out there, that are lost among the many many applications that all promise to help you (please note that I am a Mac user, so Windows or Linux people may not find the applications in a version for their OS).

Developing  (code editor)
I use Panic Coda for development. It’s a nice app, with a good look and feel. It is simple, but still features what I need for coding. I love the integrated file manager (for local and remote files via SSH, SFTP, FTP) and split-window mode, where you can see the same files in different views. Also, the syntax highlighting has all the programming languages I use. The only thing I really think is missing, is auto-completion for own variables and functions (today, it only works with default ones). Coda is priced at USD 99.

Graphic design (Image/Photo/Layout editor)
I like to use Adobe Fireworks. It works great and offers exactly what I need to create fast and beautiful drafts that can be converted into good websites. I don’t use the workflow functions, such as actually exporting HTML directly from Fireworks, but use it to create design drafts to show concepts etc., and thereafter export partial images to be used in the HTML/CSS layouts created from scratch using Coda. Fireworks can do most work you need for web design, and is much cheaper than Photoshop. I personally just use Photoshop in rare cases, mostly for photo-editing.

Data transfer (FTP client)
I mostly transfer files via the integrated file manager of my editor Coda, but if I need a stand-alone FTP client I use Cyberduck. A part form the cool logo and name, it just works. Simple, powerful and free.

Command line (SSH client)
Mac OS X has the built in app “Terminal” which works pretty well for most actions, but I prefer using the free app iTerm. It has a few more options, and provides a better look and feel.

I know everyone has personal preferences, or may even be using a different OS, so maybe you guys can share your experiences with your setup?

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My combination, PSPad + FlashFXP + The Gimp, all free all good

cheers ^_^

Maybe help for others who are using windows

Netbeans (As i also code in other languages) / Notepad++
Filezilla / Syncback SE / Netbeans newest version has FTP build in
Gimp / Paint

Most of it is free / opensource only syncback SE is not when you want auto sync on change.

I still use Macromedia (Adobe) Dreamweaver 8.0.2 and Adobe Photoshop CS.
It’s the tools I learned how to use and I still like them.
So I see no need to upgrade yet.
I use CoreFTP to standalone FTPing.

EmEditor + WS_FTP + Photoshop

I use the same setup, more or less. Coda for coding, Scribbles, Photoshop and Illustrator for image creation and editing, Coda or Transmit for FTP. I try hard to stay away from command line work but when I have no choice but to use it, I go with the Terminal built into Coda (since I’m in Coda anyway). Communicating is done with Skype or Adium depending on what they’re using on the other end… ;)
And, yes Mac OS X.latest — naturally. Can’t wait for Snow Leopard. :D

There are lots of alternatives for Coda when it comes to coding, (BBEdit, TextWrangler, Smultron, etc) but the good thing about it is that it really is a one-stop-shop for just about all writing,coding/light programming needs. I use Scribbles for sketching when I start on a site and then create the various loose images in Photoshop or Illustrator — depending on the site style mostly — or sometimes both. I never do full comps in Photoshop, instead I do rough drafts in HTML/CSS and send screengrabs to client for evaluation. To me that’s much faster and better. (I’m a print designer originally, so PS/AI is a natural combo for me. Fireworks could be an option if I only did screen design, I suppose. Haven’t really tried it though.)

My combination (im newbie): – for pictures and graphics (free software
Notepad++ – for editing code (free software
Filezilla – for ftp transfer (free software

This is all exeptional FREE software in their categories,
but doesnt help you with tags or syntaxes and you name it.

But i only do easy html scripts and some editing of php
so these programs have served me very well.

Netbeans, PuTTY and Mozilla Firefox with the firebug addon.

I’m using dreamweaver 8 more then anything for html and css coding, for php I’ve started using PHP Designer 2007 – Personal.
The little bit of image work I do do my self I use adobe photoshop cs2, ftp I do with Total Commander,
I find that the best and easiest to use (besides, I had it for free ;-) )

For code editing I use jEdit and sometimes nano. Reasons why I use jEdit are:
-It is multiplatform tool, I can use same editor with Linux and Windows. And it is fast.
-It is just perfect editor for PHP, (X)HTML, JS, CSS, XSL(T), SQL, Java, Perl and Bash.
-With few plugins it is able to use files over FTP/SFTP and support SVN, CVS and GIT.
But with some more complex Java projects Eclipse is the number one.

For images and graphics I use Inkscape, Gimp, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Fireworks and Corel Draw. And sometimes Blender3D :P For PDF/prints I use Scribus and Adobe Indesign.

With filetransfers best tools are WinSCP and FileZilla in Windows and with Linux I use just Dolphin or Nautilus (which are “build in” filemanagers for KDE and Gnome and both supports SFTP and FTP filetransfers).

For HTML/CSS/PHP/JS I use dreamweaver (currently 8, getting latest soon).
All my images and stuff are done in (
I test it all in Firefox and I use FileZilla for FTP.

Aptana Studio + Inkscape, GIMP + FireFTP

Adobe CS3 Master Collection and FileZilla for uploading

Notepad++ / gedit,
FileZilla / Nautilus,
Photoshop / Flash
Unison / RSync / lftp

Want to try Fireworks / Blender.

I use windows Vista with NetBeans 6.7 for PHP, Notepad++, myPHPAdmin, Firefox 3.5 with firebug & page speed addon and Net Object Fusion 11 for fast HTML dev. Internal dev (apache, php, mysql) i use wamp server 2.0.

For Graphic dev i use Adode Macromedia CS4, Ulead Photoimpact 12, Corel Draw x3. Sometimes i use also AutoDesk 3d Studio Max 2008, Ulead Gif Animator.

For FTP i use FlashFXP 3.6.

I use a very old tool, WS_FTP, but it still works!!

So long

TextMate and Cyberduc for text and php development/upload.
Bash on FreeBSD to automatically upload webshots.
MAC OS X self developed program in O-C for making webshots.
Mysql directly from bash only.

I use adobe & dreamweaver cs3 on xp sp3 because it cost me nearly 2 grand for the package, and i cant afford to update to cs4 till my site is fully ready an making me some of the thousands back that ive spent building it.

I use DreamWeaver, PhotoShop, Paint Shop Pro, Xara Xtreme Pro 5, CoreFTP, MacroMedia Flash, Gimp, InkScape, NotePad++, Visual Studio (C#. VB.Net etc), etc.

Les :)

thank you

Filezilla for FTP
Notepad++ for PHP editing
FrontPage for CSS editing
NoteTab Lite for its ability to sort, change sentence case, TIDY HTML and a few other needs.
Microsoft PhotoEditor for basic graphics
PhotoImpact for high-end graphics

For FTP I use FileZilla – it’s nice and easy to use and it’s free. It also has a portable version for use on a flashdrive. I have a couple of others and this is by far the easiest I have come across.

Could live without Adobe Fireworks and I am glad someone agrees. :)

Notepad++ /php, css (i know… simple tools :D )
Fireftp / I like having my ftp client as browser tab
Gimp / Graphics, getting html-codes for colors
Inkscape / vector graphics => logos
Firebug /oh i love this tool….
putty / To take care of my linux servers, theres also a version for mobile phones, can be handy at times :)

As a bit of a thrown-together setup on Mac, I use Fetch for FTP, Photoshop for image/graphics, Firebug as the brilliant debugging/change-on-the-fly plugin that it is, and Dashcode (bundled with the Mac OS X Developer Tools) for coding/editing. Sometimes Dreamweaver if our machine with it on is free. Coda, however, looks very interesting…

For coding I used Adobe Dreamweaver CS 3 but if it is for a quick fix of coding, sometimes dreamweaver can take a bit of time to open so I resort to Notepad++.

For graphic design I only used Adobe Photoshop CS 3.

And for FTP I use File Zilla

Lastly, I use WAMP Server to test all my projects on before putting them live on the web, I use MYSQL Gui Browser for creating, editing and deleting databases for the projects. And I also use IE Tester browser which has all major IE versions to test my projects alongside my other browsers (Firefox, Safari, Chrome)

That’s my ultimate toolbox :-D

For Development:
MS Expressions Studio 2 for Web Development
MS Visual Studio 8 Standard Edition
Eclipse for Java/PHP
XAMPP (Apache, PHP, MySql, Mercury)
Filezilla for FTP
Notepad++ For Editiing
MS Office Enterprise Edition

All under Vista Ultimate 64

For Testing
Pegasus Mail
Development Addons for firefox (Firebug, Web Developer aso.)
Firefox 3.2
Opera 9.64
Safari 2.02

Quanta Plus is all I need for coding, best text editor in my opinion.

(Linux user)

Development: gvim. Gvim offers code highlighting and many editing features. In the past, I have used NView for a quick initial set-up, but today my feeling is that I can do it just as well myself.

Code checking: w3c validator and the fantastic Firefox add-on tools Firebug, DOM Inspector and YSlow.

Graphics: the GIMP, Inkscape, ImageMagick.

File transfer: lftp. This tool doesn’t just transfer files, but offers the opportunity to selectively transfer newer files only, use multiple parallel sessions, etc. Not as sophisticated as rsync, but it does not need a counterpart at server side (Servage does not offer rsync).
To quickly upload a single file or a small set of files , the Ubuntu/Gnome option to open an ftp site as a local drive is comfortable and easy.

Absolutely adore TopStyle for making CSS layouts.

Developing (code editor)
Adobe Dreamveawer CS4
MS Notepad

Graphic design (Image/Photo/Layout editor)
Adobe Photoshop CS4
Adobe Illustrator CS4
Adobe Flash CS4

Data transfer (FTP client)
Adobe Dreamveawer CS4
Windows Explorer

Firefox + Firebug
Internet Explorer (I know, it’s one big bug, but have to test in anyway =P)
IE Tester (For old IE versions)
Lynx (For SEO)


Code: Dreamweaver CS3
Design: Photoshop and Illustrator CS3
Transfer: Dreamweaver built-in engine and Filezilla
Testing: Firebug, MultiIE

Dreamweaver CS3 both professionally (I’m a web developer) and personally (because I take my work home with me *g*) for coding and FTP. I haven’t used a stand-alone FTP client for years, but when I did, I used SmartFTP. For image creation and editing I use Photoshop CS3 and occasionally Paint Shop Pro XI, for animations I use Animation Shop 3.

- NetBeans for PHP, HTML and CSS (and FTP directly)
– The GIMP for graphics
– Firefox development plugins (Firebug, Web Developer)
– gFTP for server uploads, downloads deletes.

Everything on Ubuntu Linux. Everything part of the free world.

Kubuntu Linux, with local test server and virtual appliances.
Kate for quick hand editing.
Netbeans 6.7 – Superb PHP editor and am just getting to grips with versioning using Subversion.
Aptana Studio for Adobe Air apps – looking at easy ways to use Netbeans for this though.
Gimp for arty stuff.
Filezilla and Netbeans for FTP.
Just about any browser going for testing, especially Firefox with Web Developer tools.
Backups of everything!

Hi, I would like to find out THIS (servage/)BLOG , if thers any free stuff like this one , couse I don’t like the integrated , autointaller one , from the control panel.

thanks, g

@ gabor

This blog runs off wp, dunno if it’s in the auto installer, probably is though. You need to theme it (either yourself, a free one, or buy one, they’re not expensive).

For me, i use

notepad++ (html, css, xml, xsl, js, .htaccess)
aptana (php, RoR) << anyone know an alternative, aptana is a bit slow and clumsy, plus it broke my localhost :'(
Chrome (browsing)
Firefox (for firebug, yslow etc.)
IE with ie developer toolbar (awesome!)
Fireworks (prototyping)
Photoshop (final designs)
Illustrator (icons, logo’s etc).
CoreFTP (really don’t like that much, does wierd things occasionally).

Probably a ton of other stuff i don’t really think about too.

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