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Speed up your website

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009 by Servage

speedCreating valid and proper code as described in one of our earlier articles is not only to ensure conformity and similar display across different platforms. It is also to create more efficient code, that loads faster. Every piece of code removed or optimized can improve load times for your site, which is especially important for larger websites with many visitors per day.

I recommend having a look at Google Page Speed and Yahoo YSlow. Both tools offer a great possibilities and easy-to-understand assistance with optimizing your website.

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Really this article very important, i will follow the steps to improve my site’s page load speed because I’m facing this problem especially with java script based codes.

Good Luck!

We have always found that even although we are recognised as w3c validators and opperate the from within, we have always found prior to this that servage offers the fastest hosting speed whether your website validates or not!

Domain Holdings.

Thanks alot for the articles and the great advices you provide, I on the other hand is not much of a coder, just graphic designer, though still I highly appreciate the time and effort you put into your customers.

Thanks again for a great hosting service, which will never be forgotten!

Thank for this helpful article for optimized on a huge my sites great.

Thank you.

Thanks , helpful article.

Thank for this helpful article for optimized on a huge my sites great.

Thank you.

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