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Mobile version of your homepage

Monday, June 15th, 2009 by Manuel Thomsen (Servage)

mobilehomepageOnly a few days ago, Apple announced a new iPhone. This new device is supposed to be even faster and cooler than the old one. But Apple is by far not the only one presenting cool new cell phones. The Palm Pre and all the BlackBerry devices seem to become very popular and these device all have one thing in common: The ability to browse the web, just like on your home-PC… Well, or at least almost like that. The screens are still very limited and most devices cannot display Flash content. This means that some of the very cool sites out there simply cannot be visited from anywhere, and to be honest: Who doesn’t want to check out stock quotes while climbing up the Himalaya?

So today I want to present some cool sites to you, which can be used from your cellphone. Also, I want to provide some tutorials, which might help you developing your own mobile homepage version!

1) Knowledge: Basicly wapedia is a mobile version of the known Wikipedia! The very nice user interface makes it extremely easy to navigate through the articles.

2) Social networking: Facebook cannot be missing on this list. I think that Facebook really made a good job here. Nice design, nice flow, nice functionality. Some features of the main version are missing, like all the small games and other applications, but the basic features are implemented in a very mobile-friendly version.

3) News: This page helps you always to be up-to-date. There’s a lot of text, but I thinks that’s what news-sites are all about. If you want to look at some pretty images, you might want to check out Flickrs mobile page instead:

I also wanted to tell you how you can create such pages yourself! If you’re lucky, you’re using a template system, which easily let’s you change between different layouts. The easiest way would be to remove all the big and fancy pictures and styles, so that only the text remains. Headlines, text bodies and links. That’s what’s important here. If you try to develop especially for the iPhone, you might want to check out this tutorial, which I found pretty cool: (it includes some Javascript stuff and it helps you making your website look like a real iPhone application).

One last thing: If you’re using an OpenSource script like for instance Joomla!, check out some of the mobile templates for those scripts. Here’s one for Joomla:,album03/id,xe_mobile/option,com_gallery/Itemid,37/include,view_photo.php.html

I’m going to check the news on my iPhone now… While I’ll be sitting in a cafe drinking coffee ;-)

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All we need now is an application for the servage hosting ^^

Best regards

Now it’s up to servage to create an application for the iphone :).

Actually the Servage Magazine already offers a mobile version! Simply open the page in your mobile browser and you will see a nice mobile layout of the site.

I just saw the servage magazine in my new IPhone and it is really very good. Congrats.
As Jeroen said would be very nice to have some application in servage hosting to make mobile pages.

Apple is crazy. Seriously.

It’s a good idea to make a mobile version of a web site.
So why isn’t there a mobile version of Servage webmail?


The mobile version of Mail Enable available. We do provide iPhone Ready Web Site Version, in case you require for your own, do let us know.

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