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The next step

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009 by Servage

constructionThe Servage team is working hard to improve existing features and develop new ones for our systems, thus enabling customers to do more and better with our products. During the past months Servage administrators and developers have worked hard on a software-update for our control panel that will be rolled out on our live system. During that process some major upgrades and changes will be performed, which is why the customer control panel will be unavailable for about one hour in the afternoon of Wednesday, June 10th 2009.

Please be aware that the upgrade on Wednesday is the first in a series of steps we will be taking to significantly change and further improve our control panel. In this first step there will be no functional or visual changes for you as a customer, but the update “behind the scenes” is the foundation for our future development.

You website, domains, files and emails will NOT be affected by this, though you may not be able to login to the control panel and your FTP account during the upgrade.

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Looking forward to it!

Hi Jakob

Okay – Can you tell us what additions / updates are planned for the control panel that we can look forward to?

Thank you!

Les :)

We have some really cool stuff up our sleeves. But in order to start rolling out new stuff. We need to update the core. It is not much of a visual change that happens tomorrow, but the back end is a total rebuild. It is like putting a super-charged V8 in a Toyota Corolla from mid 80’s. It won’t look much difference, but the performance is a brand new game. Next step for us when this change is completed is to start altering the look and feel – adding features.

Sounds awesome ;)

Although the current cp is power in simplicity, some more features is becoming a need. Like a new Filemanager with AJAX toolkit(s), a Simple Automated Backup System, dynamic table sorting where there are lists of things, some more icons, integrated help, grouping of relevant things by user option, redesigned dashboard & more usage info & more statistical info, horizontal drop-down menus to save space and a lot more that I can’t bring about because it’s a late hour.
For the heavy stuff I’ve got some more feature suggestions, read on!
Additional semi-admin user access with less options, Templates for newly created domain spaces, Webmail Branding or wherever possible, Modular and controlled blocks for extra stuff like news & rss, Lightweight Statistics that doesn’t turn off(!), Better Cron GUI, a real Spambox & control over spamassasin…
My ’87 Corolla runs like anew from the 1st day onwards!

i want to see copy option in file manager , there is no option to copy folders/files .

may be some Ajax features to work fast :D


Better stats would be GREAT.

Yeah i hope good stuff :)

1. a great backup system
2. limit space/badwidth for e-mail accounts, FTP accounts or domain names

Please change CAPTCHA style!!! It is hard to read and I have to try it several times to login to admin!!

In the Blog and the Wiki we use reCAPTCHA and I would not be surprised if that shows up in the panel too. The reCAPCHA is a good captcha with a noble cause. By using it we all help converting old books to digital media.

Are there many more AutoInstaller applications planned?

Les :)

I mean CAPTCHA in admin panel login page not blog:

very difficult font and pattern.

I’d *really* like to see some kind of error log viewer – there must be some way you can separate logs on a per-customer basis and display them in the control panel. I know plenty of people who avoid Servage for the very reason that there is no access to logs (can’t even seem to get tech support to access them for you) which makes debugging incredibly difficult.

Thanks for your consideration.

The current CP is very nice, and efficient and simple.
but there are many stuff needed !
like some people said.

A – At the file manager :
1- COPY feature have to be available in the file manager
2- The ability to zip files online to be must easier for download also have to be available
I’m SUFFERING of the absence of these two stuff.

B- The performance of mysql database server isn’t very good.
I receive daily many mysql database errors says :
“mysql database server is gone”
and I suffer many times that the site freezes due to mysql performance.

hope you regard these some notes, because we like servage ! :)

Please change CAPTCHA style!!! It is hard to read and I have to try it several times to login to admin!!


the Captch stinks…. please change….

This is the best Host I ever see…please add more autoinstallers those are a real asset to your host, and please update the actual ones…. I love servage…

I hate Captcha and if it’s so great why do we all have so many problems signing in? Fix it or get rid of it.

Maybe we will finally get real mailing lists as opposed to the “newsletter” we have now!

true, please change CAPTCHA style at control panel login page. it’s really a hassle…

I hope the updates involve MySQL 5.1.
But also a new CP login CAPTCHA would be nice.

Great to see you’re always improving (since I’ve only been with Servage for 10 days)!

Bring on better control panel – look forward to it.
Would also like better cron options
Also I see when adding new domain – the default permission on the domain folder is 777 – recommend you change the default to 755 or something as this may present a security risk.

Any idea how much longer this planned update take, I realy do require the use of the FTP.

Its nice to hear about all this changes,hope all wil be much better,only im worried little,because this make problems with accessing my website and hope everything wil be fine soon.

Sounds great guys! especially the Simple Automated Backup System, have been waiting for that for a while.

ow and yes, PLEASE change the CAPTCHA style for the CP login, it’s a horror to login!!!!


yes, i agree with sam….captcha for admin panel might need some modifications from servage team…
i also have to enter it serveral times to login to my panel…..

yes, i agree with sam..captcha for admin panel might need some modifications from servage team..
i also have to enter it several times to login to my admin panel….

Will the improvements include an email “checkbox” style manual validation list for the antispam validation lists? Its a bit tedious deleting one at a time! :)


Les :)

and what kind of updates will it be :)

I will be pleased if you could accommodate (in the Control Panel)

1) ability to Zip files (presently, there is a reverse system, i.e. Unzipping, So, why not the Zipping also!)

2) ability to set up different name for DB name and DB Username for MySQL

3) FFMPEG (if possible)

4) More individual PHP settings options

5) Option for buying more space inside the existing account, i.e. not a new one

Outside the Control Panel,

1) It would be great, if there is a Live Chat system

2) SMS rate could be lower!

3) If there is program sharing option in the Servage Web Drive system it would be great. Account holder can use the software that are already installed in Servage.

4) Alternatively, it would be even more nice if there is an option to install own software in own space via Control Panel or Web Drive.

5) Number 3 and 4 are my ambitious expectation from my lazy brain. Really? Not sure. May be, Servage can do one of these, as our expectation to Servage is growing higher day-by-day because Servage is an awesome service.

It’s been a long hour… XD

I also hope the updates involve MySQL 5.1.
This is a very big wish for my site, it´s often very slow.


I appreciate your hard work to improve the CP…and I ask for Unrar option to unrar rar files on the server if its possible..

Here you can found it,

“unrar is a free software version of the non-free unrar utility that exists on many GNU/Linux systems today”


Any word on when the maintenance is going to finish… its been a few hours now… I hope the new features are worth it… Looking forward to it though!!

Great, I can’t wait!!

Sounds great!!!


Please give us an update on this outage…….

Hello. The status from admin is:
Email = up
ftp = up
http = up
cp = administrative down

We are holding the admin cp off a bit more to fix some bugs before letting that online. More info will be presented as soon as admin reports back.

An Ajax CP with .rar capability and the ability to copy files and delete multiple files would be great…

And PLEASE change the CATCHPA. As others have said, it’s very hard to read and takes several trys before you can log in.

Service is great It would be better if we had FFMPEG……Thanks Servage Team

The capcha at CP login is decidedly hard to read. Please at least change the font.

please please please get a better captcha! I am fed up trying to sign in 3 times before I get a readable one, 2 out of 3 it prints characters off the box so a ‘g’ might be a ‘q’ which really p***es me off.

Lets hope the file manager is a bit more usable with features like copy and bulk selects and actions. I would love to see the ability to ‘resell’, maybe thats the wrong word, but maybe allow the masses of space to be used by other selected people of the account holder via some form of restricted user interface so that for the many web sites I have other people may have access to an account area of their own to carry out functions on their allocated space.

Other than that SERVAGE IS AWESOME!

Let me also request a better captcha but i read somewhere above that there would come a other one :)

I agree with everybody else.
CAptcha needs a change, other than that Servage is the greatest host you will ever find.

Better captcha, and one that works. I only have to type one in every 24 hours, otherwise I just have to click the login button.
Better stats showing actual files being hit, failed referrers.
Better protection from DOS attacks
Better interaction with other third party script suppliers to help prevent own DOS attacks and hacking
Better hit ratio per 24 hours. The current level of 400,000 is to low for gallery based websites.
Better communication! I didn’t receive any notification about any ‘planned maintenance’

The c-panel has been out all day now and we have only seen one very poor update. Can we please have a decent update telling us why we are not able to access our services.



Thanks for supplying us with better services…Servage is always on the move, and innovative… I really like that, and I am a satisfied customer for years – and also in the future …
Always kind and competent support

My wishlist is something like this …*LOL*

Better captcha on the admin side…. it really stinks!
Ability to control your dns records totally (In this case Per, I was thinking on my little issue on the google adsense thing for parked domains, that you helped me out on earlier this week)

And finally:

The option to use FFMPEG – I have mentioned it A LOT of times but obviously you guys dont think it would be needable for anyone :-D – A lot of hosting companies offer this feature today – and in the same thread : what about adding some more cms and videosharing scripts in you autoinstaller. There is alot of free scripts at

But in the end – I’m totally satisfied …your service and kindness + functionalities is AWESOME

kind regards

Hans Joergen

More info on the new stuff that is to be implemented.
That would be great.

If we lock the loginpage into only one IP (my ISP IP),
capcha should not be nessecary or…?

You should also add some more plugins to go with the WordPress autoinstaller.

Please add Joomla to autoinstaller. I don’t know why you have removed it

I’d love to see the PHP extension RunKit available on the servers. It allows me to safely allow my users to upload PHP files and lock down the execution of those files so they can’t do anything nasty (such as send emails).

Actually, in regard to an AJAX file manager, I developed one for my website. It allows you to view two folders at once, and drag/drop files between them. It also has SWFUpload for progressive upload.

It’s a really nice system, if I do say so myself :)

Need a better statistics package – something that will show operating system, browser usage etc.

A HTML mailing list would be a great asset, instead of at the moment, text only one.

A (automatic) backup feature would be nice as well!

It would be nice if the administrator could make ftp-accounts with different settings, eg. if an user only could download files from a ftp-account, but not could even upload nor download.

The following features would make you the best european hosting company:
1. SSH access / Shell users
2. access to log files
3. automated snapshot backups of ftp accounts and mysql databases
4. Google apps integration to enable email hosting by Google
5. Version Control repository (ie. subversion)

Thanks for the great service so far!

If everyone should use the FFMPEG on the servers, it would be a drain of server resources.

A automatic MySQL database backup feature like this:
Once a day to a file named: dbname_year-mm-dd.sql.
To be saved as default under: /backups/dbname/
And also sendt to a email account free of choice.

Just use a Gmail account as a archive.

A own internal forum, there us the customers can talk
and exchange idea together with support.

Yeas, please add a opensource mailinglist to autoinstaller. We must be able to send email to it and that is sending emails to a user administred list. With editable email layout.

And I would like flashvideos like YouTube to promote Servage affiliate program… :)


i personally think there is no really need for an extended (may just bloated) cp.

the man-power should be invested in:
2) Harder Control and Restrictions for users wich misuse for ex. sql resources and lower Restrictions
for users wich are aware about resources.

this would be a BIG STEP for a overall great hoster.

We are changing panel for lots of reason. The biggest is that since we have been around as a host for many years and had “different” panels to suite needs from different market. In order to have one common “code” we needed to replace with a new panel. But trust me, our mission have been to mess with you as little as possible. We know that our existing users works in a certain way, the new panel will not need any training. You’ll find all where you used to find it. We don’t have new customers at sight, only care for existing.

Multiple file delete options in filemanager.
A checkbox with each item, check it, and delete.

Yes a better mailinglist (perhaps as an autoinstaller app) would be great. Is should offer sign-up by mailing to the list (instead of a form on a website as the one from the cp today).

thanks for your efforts

I realy like your system.

For some time the phpmysql seems very slow.
myodbc connectuon needed.

Great service


A subversion server will be great to host repositories.

Service is great i have 2 accounts since 2005-05-12 and very happy It would be better if we had FFMPEG even if you provide this as a pay option ……Thanks Servage Team

SVN support would be really great.Could be added to the control panel along with the autoinstallers I guess.

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