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Reviewing new search engines Bing, WolframAlpha and Google Squared

Friday, June 5th, 2009 by Servage

search_engines2There are two seemingly interesting new players on the search engine field.

Microsoft Bing

Earlier this week Microsoft has released it’s new search engine Bing, which is supposed to help Microsoft gain market shares – probably mainly targeting Google. The look and feel of the Bing front page is nice and slick. They use photos to spice it up a little, instead of the clean, almost-text-only Google standard page. However, the results are listed in a common layout similar to the one used by most other search engines today.

Having seen a pretty sweet trailer movie from Microsoft, featuring some intelligent functionality in the Bing search engine, I must say that I personally am a bit disappointed. Some of the integrated functionality for example for shopping, reviews, smarter-search-results etc. simply isn’t there, or doesn’t work as expected. Maybe it’s because I’m using it from Germany, Denmark and Sweden, lacking localized content. The only thing they actually did nice is the result-view for images. With a good looking, easy to filter, and endless-scroll-list of images, the photo results are shown nicely. My overall conclusion is that they created yet another search-engine, nothing special, not even close to a new, revolutionzied way of finding content.


The concept behind WolframAlpha is very ambitious. The search engine does not return links to hundreds of potentially interesting or helpful websites related to your query, but finds, aggregates and presents the knowledge your are looking for right away. Coming from a Google-style search engine world, I usually follow common search query patters like “DNS record wikipedia”, or “canon eos 450d reviews”. WolframAlpha’s goal is not to serve you up with links, and the queries have to be performed slightly different – in my subjective opinion – to get a meaninfull result. However, for any kind of search for facts or scientific knowledge, WolframAlpha is really really cool. Try searching for “1000 Euros”, and Wolfram Alpha will tell you about the currency, show the conversion to your local currency, display exchange rate history. Or search for “largest city” and WolframAlpha creates a list of the worlds largest cities and metropolitan areas for you to study. This kind of direct fact-finding is very convenient.

Google Squared

Google has released an updated search engine called Google Squared, which is trying to find factual information and present it to you, in a way like WolframAlpha, as well. It does a nice job at this, thus not as advanced as WolframAlpha yet. I believe this new type of search engine that is much more semantic will be a big hit in the future.

Reviewing new search engines Bing, WolframAlpha and Google Squared, 4.8 out of 5 based on 5 ratings
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I have tested bing during the last few day´s. I think a good strike from Microsoft against google. It seems, that they have filtered all the ugly and unuseful autogeneratetd Web 2.0 trash – we call it in Germany “Personen Suchmaschinen” as 123people or yasni and any myspace trash as well, which are the plague inbetween for all private persons. I´ve kicked out of my browser as standard search engine – since now I will only use bing in the future – and in addition I have build a bing seachbar into my site to spread it as good as I can, since today. Furthermore it should be the right time to support Microsoft at last, to break that balderdash monopoly of google. For me google is since a longer time so trashy and contaminated with unusable information, that bing is like a deliverance. My recommendation for all professional web workers here as well.


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hey fellaz – have you seen that ?
For me as a musician that is definitely really great and totally different to all other search engines I´ve seen before ;-) wie geil ?! check it out please ! I will go back there to check all the other stuff now.

c.u. and ciaoi MC

How is with the webmaster tools in them new SE’s…?

It now interesting to see at long last others are now producing original search engine models to potentially challenge the mighty Google. This is obviously a very healthy move in a over stagnent market place.

With competition, there comes innovation. Competitors keeps you on the edge, making you produce more … and better. Despites the outcome of this recent launch of search engines. They at least keep Google alert; focusing on R&D and not share-holders profit.

WolframAlpha is actually really stupid as it cannot accomplish basic web search…

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