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Hello Googler, Stumbler, Twitterer…

Monday, May 18th, 2009 by Servage

wp_greetingboxGreet your visitors with a customized sentence depending on their origin. Personalized websites are up for much discussion. The problem is that in order to create customized content for each user, such as relevant adds, interesting news articles and so on, the provider needs to log a lot of information about the user. Otherwise the provider, such as Google or Facebook, cannot generate the user-profile needed to support that functionality. Personally I like seeing adds that actually interest me, when I have to be exposed to adds in the first place, rather than just seeing some random ones. However, the “price” for that is for example Google storing a lot of information about my online behavior which may raise privacy issues. I don’t want to go into a long discussion about that, since it’s been done plenty already, and everyone seems to have an own, different opinion anyway. I will, however, present a cool feature that allows your WordPress blog to behave somewhat custom depending on the users origin, without having to store any information about the user.

Using the WP Greetbox plugin you can say something depending on which site (domain) a user came from. Hence “origin” in this context is not geographically. I.e. you can say “Hello Googler” or “Hello Stumbler” to people entering your blog via Google og StumbleUpon. It’s a cool little feature that is very easy to implement and raises an “aha”-effect on your visitors part, hopefully making them stay and read a little longer.

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This sounds great but I’m reluctant to add additional plug-ins to my WordPress sites that are already very slow loading much of the time.

Click on the links below and see for yourself… :-)

Great Blog BTW!

Pat Bloomfield

Yes, that’s very cool plug in.
I use on all my domains already.

why is servage not on Twitter?

We simply can not keep ourself to a maximum of 140 characters. We have too much to say :)

Great Blog BTW!

Pat Bloomfield

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