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Servage joins Volvo Ocean Race Game

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009 by Per Strömqvist (Servage)


Summer is coming to my part of the world and I felt like challenging you in a on-line sailing game. Besides being a fan of sailing, I think this application is a really good example when you use the web to bring attention to your brand. And since there are over 200,000 players participating, I wanted to add a little extra for you to race for.

I will be skipper on the boat “Servage One Solution” and manager for the group “Servage Sailors”. The groups fastest sailor in the next leg gets 1 year of free hosting and the next four sailors get 3 months hosting each. The competition is for next leg (7) only.

This is how you participate in this competition:

  1. Register your boat on (free)
  2. Join the group Servage Sailors from “My account” (free)
  3. Start the race on may 16:th
  4. Follow the results here
  5. The 5 winners will be announced to the group when the race is finished
Servage joins Volvo Ocean Race Game, 3.5 out of 5 based on 13 ratings
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I would like to join : )

Bring it on!

With some 2087 miles left in this leg the leader is “fred noise”. Followed by “Flying Octopus” + 9 miles and “Timosy” + 17 miles. If you have not joined the Servage Sailors group in the race for a one year free hosting … “now” is a good time.

Bring it on! :)


This was an exellent event.
I was doing well until the rounding of the last bouy,
when i slept to late and went to far and had to turn around
loosing lot and lots of time.

thanks for the competition and congrats to the winners.

Good Luck everyone:)

Flying Octopus

It has been an experience.

The Queen Chris Revange managed to be several miles at the front of the fleet… but then… a problem with the autopilot did the rest. The boat run aground and we lost one whole night.

But… this happened the first day. All the crew decided that we could try it again. We had time enough to get the leader of the Servage group, the Servage one Solution for those times…

Then the Fred noise appeared in our scanners as our main competitor. We did our best (well this is not really true… weekend… Canary Islands…) but the ship seemed to be flying.

Then… the last day before the end. We were in second place… more than a hundred miles ahead the third. All the crew (the real one) needed a rest, and I promised a excursion day.

Before leaving the hotel I made all the adjustments. The boat was going to arrive in 3 hours. The course was correct. The sails well trimmed.

We were going to finish just a few hours after the Fred Noise did it.

We left.

I thought we were going to come back to have lunch to the hotel. A good moment to check everything has been as planned.

We didn’t

We arrived at night.

Very late.

Turned on the computer.

Connected to a expensive internet wireless connection.

Went to the site.

The Queen Chris Revenge run aground several hours ago.

The Flying Octopus was flying direcly to the finishing line. The crew started to recover the boat.

The rest is history.

We arrived the third.

Congratulations to everybody that could have live this experience, and very specially to the Fred Noise, Flying Octopus and Servage one Solution crew.

I think we could repeat this again!

Thank you very much for been there these days.

Good game all. I will present the result in the next couple of days. I had to take the real boat for a sail this weekend and lost big. I was betting on a mobile Internet connection (with no luck) and was off-line 4 days.

These are the current results of the 7th leg in Volvo Ocean Race game.
1. “Fred noise” gets 1 year of free hosting
2. “Flying Octopus” gets 3 mth of free hosting
3. “Queen Chris Revenge” gets 3 mth of free hosting
4. “Servage One Solution”
5. ??


i’m very happy and a BIG THANK YOU at Servage.
until the first mark, the regatta, was very tighten with Flying Octopus.
stress for me, but after the way was more open, Flying octopus explain why.
i love this event, if you want play you can join this regata for the 3 last leg.
and you can join Virtual regatta, the same people and the same concept.

see you soon on the virtual sea.

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


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