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Maintaining bookmarks and passwords on multiple computers

Monday, May 4th, 2009 by Servage

xmarksIn addition to the article about data synchronization last week, we would like to present a way for you to synchronize bookmarks and passwords across multiple computers.

Xmarks is a browser plugin for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari that allows you to synchronize your bookmarks and web passwords, so whatever you do on one computer is represented on the others you use as well. Not having to worry about this data makes your workflow more productive, besides the pure geek fun of seeing the magic when data flows from one place to another, seamlessly ;-) From personal experience I can say that Xmarks provides great value, absolutely free. I maintain 200+ bookmarks and numerous passwords with it. Try it out on

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I’m used to use Sxipper ( You can train it and learn it to remember and determine what kind of form field it is. It’s a great addon to quickly fill in forms in one click.

I also used to have Foxmarks installed, but since Foxmarks has become Xmarks and also remembers and stores numerous passwords safely, I might try Xmarks again. Thank you for useful plugin!

I use Firefox portable on a USB memorystick:
An easy solution.

I’m definitely gonna try this, it’ll save me from using delicious which is nice but also a pain. Thank you!

Xmarks (Foxmarks as it was previously know as) is the best option out there. I’ve been using it for almost 2 years now – it’s great!

It is so nice, I have been using it since it was called Foxmarks.

Wonderful that I always have my bookmarks with me. And if the computer I am at, are not that friendly, I just access the online archive at:

If you already use a folder-synchronization tool like Dropbox, you can simply create a folder called “Favorites” inside your synchronized folder, then follow the instructions at to make that folder your IE favorites folder (similarly for Firefox).

I wouldnt encourage anyone to use Xmarks, because since the namechange from Foxmarks, the EULA changed too, and your bookmarks are now being datamined by Xmarks unless you use your own server. Noticed the new “Site Suggestions” and “Smarter Search” features in Xmarks?

There is an alternative: SyncPlaces. It can use at ftp account, so you can configure it to use your servage webspace.

Thanks for the info S0ren, glad I didn’t install it just yet… Will check out SyncPlaces.

This is a great tool and saves a lot of valuable time.

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