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Need a logo for your project?

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009 by Servage

logoinstantYou have a great project but lack the perfect logo? I’ve often been in the situation that a cool idea could not be represented in a suitable manner in terms of a logo without having a professional creating one, which unfortunately mostly is expensive. may have exactly what we’re looking for! They offer ready made, free, easy-to-modify logos for all sorts of things. The quality of the graphics is really high and very professional. You should have a look! Maybe you can find a logo for your (next) project there – or at least get a lot of inspiration.

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thank`s for good info!

Wow, it’s a great site.
Thanks for sharing it with us.

Thank for your sharing!

Interesting site, thanks for the link.

I suck at making logos…

Thanks! I really lack inspiration and technique to create logo’s so this website will definitely help me out.

Thanks, this is really was helpful for me :)

Hi – the instant logo site looks really good but I can’t find any instructions anywhere on how to customise the logo – presumably we can change the text? anything else we can change? I need a logo for a group of us who are starting something new.

Thanks for your help

“Suitable manor”? Ha! Ha! Ha!

Hmm, guess the spellcheck played me there…

If you are trying to grow a company then a great re-memorable logo is a must.

very nice – thanks for the very usefull hint, Jakob

If you will use it for a company´s CI – it should be a bit more exclusive – so it will be good to alter the nice and professional basic ideas – for 99 % of the rest of life it´s quite simple and fine … you can get some good basics there .. ;-)

@ Geraldine, do you have a programm like photoshop, corel or gimp ( for free ) ? Then it´s easy to customize nearly anything … good graphics basic elements you can find there in either case.

hah – I´ve made a download inbetween GREAT – you will get a zip with a psd for example of a watermelon with 13 Layers it´s separate text, (font must be installed local – in that case Arial ;-) and the terms of use – and finally a vector illustrator file as well – was will man mehr ? all for free – they only want to become famous – that´s easy, I will give them a link from my site too :-)

best regards Marco

For good deals on logos, Check out

great site, thanks for the sharing.

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