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Encrypt data between your site and visitors

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009 by Servage

combinationlockInformation is vulnerable to spies during the transmission of data between your website and your visitors. All data is sent in packages and can potentially be obtained by third parties. This is especially easy in unencrypted or poorly encrypted wireless networks, where anyone basically can see everything, because it is transmitted right through the air. Therefore using encrypted transmissions for sensitive data is risky, which is why every website should use encrypted transmissions for at least login, signup, ordering and payment procedures.

How can I encrypt the data?
The encryption of data is done with help of a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate. The SSL certificate fulfills multiple purposes, but mainly it confirms your site’s identity towards the user, and it encrypts all data sent between the user and the site, thus making the communication secure.

Servage Hosting offers shared SSL free or charge, so you can get started with secure communication today. To enable it via the Servage Control Panel go to “Webserver > Virtual Hosts”, select domain, click “Advanced” for the appropriate address and enable SSL. You now see the shared SSL URL that you can use for secure connections. This URL is under the domain name ( because it is using our certificate. If you wish to use your own domain name for SSL connections, you need a dedicated SSL certificate. You can obtain adedicated SSL certificate in the control panel at “Webserver -> New SSL certificate” or by clicking here.

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It’s good to encrypt data i agree. I like the shared free ssl from servage use it for things i care about.

But i would like to be able to generate my own free ssl certificate. I know it gives a warning when people visit the page but i don’t care about that :). If i can make my own ssl vhosts

Keep up the good work

Cool. Didn’t know that. SSL is quite expensive elsewhere. Once again Servage has some service like no other company. :)

I might start to use it. Thanx

Self signed certificates will be nice, but also if I can create my own Certificate Signing Requests (CSR) and install my own SSL certificate. Consider than many potential customers may have their own certificates already and use of advanced SSL services like EV SSL its not posible without this freature also.

kind regards ^_^

I use this for taking online payments and have had a spotless record of safe transactions.

It’s good to used for secure site that is working for site about money or trust sites.

Servage is good web hosting company but their security is hell. My account was hacked 2 times now and I can’t delete Folder and File in my file manager.

If security is your concern. don’t go here

Thank you for your feedback. I looked at your domains and many files and folders have 777 permission which is a great risk, you also have some obsolete WordPress 2.3 installations which are highly recommended to be updated to latest 2.7 for increased security. Remember that the battle against hackers is a never ending game. We can not fight them ourself, we need you (our customers) to maintain proper folder/file permissions and update your applications once more secure versions are released. Please contact customer support via a support ticket for the folders/files you can not delete and we will help you with that.

Great stuff for us as we have to ask our clients for a lot of personal information, thanks Servage we will use it to its full capacity

It’s helpful tips like this along with pretty much everything else that keep me in a constant state of disbelief over how wonderful Servage is. I keep waiting for a catch, but it never comes :P

I mean, free SSL for those who need it essentially makes the $6.95/mo seem like a gift rather than a cost.

Yes I have used this when you go through to make a payment on my site and I have never had any sercuity issues.

I agree with Parko, I want to make my own SSL certificates, how do I install them on the server?

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