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The world goes dark

Friday, March 27th, 2009 by Servage

bulbThe World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) is asking everyone to turn of their lights for one hour starting at 20:30 on tomorrow, Saturday, March 28th, in an attempt to create awareness and interest for the world climate and energy saving.

Protecting the climate has become one of the major issues in current politics due to its vast and increasing impact on the nature, wildlife, and ultimately also our personal lives. Therefore it is important to show interest and participation in the discussion about how to improve our climate and making it sustainable. Personally I find there are many areas within this general topic, and many ways to go in the right direction. I don’t see this action as a power-saving measure to reduce electricity consumption in general, but more as a sign of faith and trust in the world’s population to actually do something by creating awareness and claiming responsibility.

There are many good ways to improve the climate. It starts with the little things you can do in your everyday life. Servage employees are encouraged to participate in this cause by shutting off the lights at their private homes tomorrow night. We would like our customers to participate with us and the rest of the world in this effort.

Lights Out
So what happens when you flipped the switch? What do you do during one hour of darkness? It’s not an easy question. For starters, having some kind of candle light is probably a good idea. Other than that… Well, personally I’m a bit lost. Where is the WWF’s guide on that? This reminds me of a recent episode where all power was cut off to my home for some time… Suddenly you realize how dependent you are on energy, your computer, the internet. It’s scary. But then, when the initial panic has settled, you suddenly feel how nice it is, not to have an always-on computer, access to the internet anywhere anytime and so on. Sometimes today I replay that by shutting of the email notifications on my phone… Nice, quiet, relaxing. So maybe that’s it. Turn of the light for an hour tomorrow and relax.

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Ha, we were looking forward to Earth Hour – didn’t expect Servage to bring it out as well!
Good job!

Here the plan is to have a “normal” Saturday for us, except we’ll be careful with the timing…
We’ll begin by having some friends over around, make burritos and have a Sauna…
…just in time for it to be 20.30 and time for the Earth Hour. Then everything, not just the lights, go off.
(Well, not the fridge and so on – common sense!)

…The Hour we plan to spend by playing a board game (or two) by candle light.
And when done, the Earth Hour should be over as well, and we’ll finish the evening with a movie.

Having “downtime” is no problem and nothing new here, but we’ll “time it” to be with the Earth Hour…

-Ilkka (&co), Finland

Switching off the Internet for an hour.
As in all the routers, servers, and such.
No MSN, no shopping, no porn, no news, no multiplaying.
People would scream and yell.

Kinda fun to think about it… ;)

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