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How you create the Servage Magazine

Monday, March 16th, 2009 by Servage

magazine_screenshotThis is what it’s all about
It is a collection of articles aimed at today’s webmaster – a mixture of information, guides, help and feature descriptions of web hosting topics. The Servage Magazine is for everyone interested in the Internet.

Difference between Servage Magazine and Blog
The Magazine took over the Blog. The Magazine is more dynamic, features a more newspaper-like layout, and is designed to present information more dynamic and efficient, so you can get the best possible experience as a reader.

Dynamic frontpage
The Magazine’s front page does not list articles chronologically. The main article (at the top of the front page) is always the newest article. Thereby we ensure that all articles get a fair chance of being exposed to all readers. The rest of the articles on the front page are dynamically listed depending on the popularity of the article, which is determined by the readers’ behavior (like views, comments, rating etc.). If you prefer a traditional chronological listing you can use our chronological listing.

Dynamic sidebar
The sidebar is displayed on all pages and contains some fixed elements like search form, newsletter form, keywords (aka tag-wall) plus some varying content related to the current page. For example recent comments for customers to engage in discussions about the articles, popular posts for further suggested readings, and more.

Social actions
Every article can be bookmarked in your browser or bookmarking-service and shared via common social networks or email. This is a great way for you to show your friends what you are currently interested in.

Automatic updates
There are multiple ways for you to stay updated about our content. Obviously you are welcome to visit our site regularly to check up on new articles, but there are more convenient ways like using an RSS feed or subscribing to our monthly updates newsletter.

User contributions
We would like to provide quality content in a way our readers like. If you think you have information, a tutorial, an article, or something else our readers may be interested in, please send it to! We reward every contribution that is presented in the Magazine with full disclosure of the contributor including a link to your website etc (let us know what you want us to write about you).

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15 comments (leave a comment)

This really looks nice! I’m already subscribing to the RSS feed :-)

Great! Anxious to see the next articles!

Hope you can post some tutorials on beginner/intermediate web design and programming.

Firefox 3.0.7 + AdBlock Plus 1.01 makes the ‘bd’ div element render too high.
Even with AdBlock Plus 1.01, the layout renders “high” (above top of page) until the page has completely loaded. Had a quick look in FireBug – CSS looks fine.

Firefox was displaying the layout wrong with the use of AdBlock. We have modified our layout so it should display the content correctly, even if AdBlock is disabling the banner on the right side.

Nice one! Working fine in firefox now. Looks beautiful

Great idea, like the way you keep your product updated.

Great new feature from Servage!

Now, since this magazine is supported by latest version of WordPress (2.7.1) it’d be nice to update Autoinstaller with this newest version (currently available on Autoinstaller is 2.6.2.)

Thanks, and keep givin’ us great service!

Yes, you’re right. We are trying to update the Autoinstaller scripts as fast as possible. Frr now, you can use the update functionality within WordPress, to upgrade your installation to the newest version.

It looks OK in Google Chrome too.

I love the Blog Theme Layout of the Servage Magazine. Good work! :)
More power for Servage Guys. Let Servage rule the Web Hosting world. Lol.
Hehe ;)

I have pester Jakob to release our Blog template as a download for all of you. A contribution back to the open source world. Since we have made many additions to other plug-ins, we are putting together a “all in one” plugin – free for download.

@Per Strömqvist
That would be great.
Thanks Per, and Guys behind the Servage Team.
Keep up the Good work.

Hmm by the way, Speaking of Blog. Just my idea why dont you guys create a Community Forum?
Hmm basically, a discussion for Coders, Web Designers, and to help each other.

Just my idea :)

Looks great on iPhone too!

Sometimes it’s tough to sort out all the details related to this subject, but I’m positive you’ll have no trouble making sense of the information presented. – William B. Doyle,

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