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750 GB exclusively for you and your friends

Thursday, March 5th, 2009 by Servage

It’s always nice to welcome new customers – and nothing beats the joy when a new customer has been referred by a satisfied, existing one. That is the best possible job approval we can get – which obviously shall never become a reason to lose focus or stall development and improvement. It is simply the occasional pad on the back from you guys that continuously motivates us to work more and harder.

So what is this upgrade all about?
To reward you, our existing and loyal customers, our most valuable assets, we have upgraded your accounts – exclusively – to 750 GB webspace and 7500 GB monthly data transfer.

And it gets even better: Your friends can benefit too! If they use your coupon code when signing up for a new Servage account they get 240 GB extra webspace (750 GB instead of 510 GB) and 2490 GB extra monthly data transfer (7500 GB instead of 5010 GB) – plus you get 2x free months hosting for the reference.

750 GB exclusively for you and your friends, 4.3 out of 5 based on 54 ratings
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73 comments (leave a comment)

So cool. Thanks !!!
I was wondering why I had 750 GB instead of 510, but this explains :-)

Thanks for being such a great host :-)

Wow i had 750Gb

i am happy Beyond me

Thanks again

Nice, thats why i suddenly had so much more space :D

Thanks Servage
(You are the best host Ive ever had :D)

cool i got huge space and huge bandwith

Wow! You guys are the best!

Sweet!! Great going!

Thanks a ton servage! You guys rock!!

Wonderful, you are the best

Thanks so much =)

I think we were rewarded since the day we join Servage …
The best reward is to be here , in this great Hosting Home .
Best wishes

Sweet! Much thanks!

Wooow… Servage Really Rocks…

Hey guys, don’t be pleased so soon, servage is not stopping @ 750-7500.

I guess they’re planning something bigger, yes bigger hopefully.

this is amazing now I have to use it all! :-)

Thanks servage, you are amazing

Sevage gave us the best since the day we joined this great Hosting Home .

sounds nice, but it would be much better,
if you would work on a good backup solution,
so I could copy all my files to a backup server space and restore it easily, if there is any problem.

Many thanks.

Regards, Stefan.

Love it to :)

I am glad that i hosting @ servage.

I Love
Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thumbs up for Mr. Hartmann and the above post. And increase the FTP connections as well.

ThanX A LOT! fpr that, my hotell is my best friend!

WOW!! :D That’s amazing… I picked you for the large amount of space.. How long is it going to be before you start to offer 1TB? I’m sure it wont be too long, you guys at servage really know how to make your customers day! :D


You guys are great, since i joined its just kept growing and growing, now its actually a little over 750GB ;)

but im thankful, i would have recommended servage anyway its a very good host has been for years but im still secretly holding out for the reseller accounts we were promised some years back lol.

Well, I have no knowledge of reseller accounts being promised to anyone, however, I do in fact know that this is an official “to do”…

So cool!! thank for your increased these, I has been received huge space and monthly bandwith, thank again!!!

You are the best!

Thanks ! :)

yes but calculate the traffice correct.
Servage calculate the traffice sometimes wrong.

There are flaws with the statistics, but we are working on improvements.

Doesn’t this make it an unequal distribution betweem customers that neutralizes the effort some people put into referring customers beforehand?

As far as I can see, my effort was lost in comparison. But please explain if I’m mistaken…

(I do however appreciate the gesture)

Anyone who has already gained extra disc space by referring customers still has that extra disc space.

Example: You have referred 3 customers before we upgraded the package to 750 GB. Your old disc space would have been 585 GB (=510+25+25+25). Your new space is 825 GB (750+25+25+25).

I love this hosting =))))
May I question? How much bandwidth we have in day?

You have 250 GB per day (~7500 GB per month).

i am only interested if you raised the daily bandwidth limit. Without it theres no point raising bandwidth

The daily bandwidth limit has also been raised, so it is 7500 GB / 30 days = 250 GB per day.

So nice ! Thank you.

Thanks so much!

I heard rumors that you don’t actually get this bandwidth and administration terminates your account if you get heavy. Well a friend of mine that has a Servage account actually uses over 4 TB of traffic monthly and his site is still in perfect shape so I am forced to believe that Servage is the most flexible and most independent hosting anyone has ever experienced, with a great team of staff.

This is great news!!! Servage certainly offer a great deal for hosting, so when we going to see VPS available too??

Thanks for great customer service!!

Thanks Servage!!

VPS is something we have been looking at for a while. I can’t say more at this point ;-)

Absolutely awesome, guys. Many thanks!

Folks, I have been using many hosting soloutions for the last 12 years, and servage is one of the best if it was not for my customers being happy with there hosting I would move all of them over, use them for a few charity sites and my own at the moment!!! Thanks guys for the Freebies!!!

This is realy great. Now i’ll try to refer sombody :)
And i agree that VPS will be in demand.

Fantastic news. Since I started promoting my Weekend Gamer audio and video shows on iTunes I was regularly breaching the daily limit. Hopefully the move to 250gig a day will stop this (along with the mirror site I have introduced).

Servage are far and away the best hosts I have ever dealt with.

So many happy customers, hard to believe! Or has nobody has had any issues with their support yet?

Standard answers, bullying around, having absolutely NO CLUE of what they are doing, Server security issues, and oh god if something goes wrong… You’ll get the blame and there is no chance of even fixing it because the “oh so good” support is bad and ignorant.

I’m more then happy to tell more! I’m just curious if there will be a response. Prolly not, because Servage likes to hide and deny everything.

Servage has had some security and stability issues in the past – just like most other webhosters for that matter (not for that to be an excuse though) – which we have not been proud of. This sometimes resulted in support being overwhelmed by the amount and level of technical detail of support tickets. We have done many things (just read the articles on this Blog to get an overview over the past weeks’ developments) and are still doing much to continuously improve and strengthen our products and services. Over the past months we have improved overall system stability very much, increased security significantly and taken measures for our support to provide even better responses. I believe this all-together has improved the quality of Servage very much, which is why I strongly disagree with your opinion and generalization of individual incidents. However, we do not want to hide nor deny your opinion.

Posts are being screened? Orly? xD

Yeah, we need to. We can exclude spam-bots with a captcha, but another issue is real people posting spam.

This is so great. Thanks!

thank you :d :-)

now i can build my smill share site
i hopp that i can have more space and transfer if somme one ue my cobon code
big regards for this
i hopp security and security


I got an email from Servage informing me of this great come-back offer for returning customers. I was a bit upset, since I only re-registered last month, and could have had this upgrade if I had waited a bit longer.

I logged in to ask support about getting this upgrade for my account, but was extremely pleased to see that I already had it!

Thanks Servage! Keep up the great work.

We are always trying to provide our existing customers with the best possible conditions. Therefore we upgrade existing customers first :-)

Thanks Servage

Well, lookyhere. Finally, FINALLY a decent answer by Jakob. I have sent emails pleading for a clear answer up till the point that i got really furious.

Too bad it took so long tho, because i have canceled my account. Our history is so tainted that if I hear the name, my blood starts to boil. I´ve taken about every step to get in contact, but maybe it´s clear now that ignoring complaints does not make it go away.

Too bad, because the servers at servage are fast and spacious, but the customer service and the (perhaps previous) customer treatment is just outrageous.


I’m glad to hear that you appreciate my answer above and our efforts to continue improving.

Thank you very much. That is very kind of you.

Servage is one of the best hoster out there,but i miss a good backup function for all files.

Servage does backup all files on raid drives, which is preventing data loss from hardware failure. We are also working on a backup solution that users can use to create/restore backups of their individual account from a point in the past via the control panel. More on this to come…


wow a really cool idea
I’m looking forward with servage…

Thanks servage I was wondering why i had so much extra “Smiles really Big”!

Woow thanks alot,

Its great, thank you all.


Woohoo!…Only just seen it. :) Cheers guys!

I’ve been with servage for quite some time now and haven’t been disappointed yet :) Even for the low hosting fees your costumer support is still fast and effective (well effective after a few posts at least haha :p). I don’t hesitate to recommend servage and have already referred 4 people that all are happy to be onboard.

It’s nice to see how your service keep improving and changes happen. As a costumer i couldn’t be more pleased, i’ve had several other hosts most of them way more expensive than servage yet lacked in either support or server compatibility with some scripting languages and what not.

Keep up the good work and keep improving your service!

Hopefully i’ll be hosted here many years more :)

I’ve been with servage about 4 years now I think. Never had a problem had about a year where I never used it much but glad to see all is still well. Using my space to store personal files along with my file backup server. The guys are great love it will never move unless I am forced to.

Fabulous! But where can I check the disk space?

You can see your disc space on the first page of the control panel.

As everyone above seems to be very happy, I’m willing to take up the bite and sputter some not-yet-so-good things. First of all, why make the bandwidth/webspace larger? Seriously, I’m quite interested to hear how many customers you serve really hit the ceiling of their account. Even a percentage would do. My guess is that this all is just PR, because 80% (and that’s a guess) use only a few GBs a month; it’s all overbooked.

Instead of upgrading stuff that the majority doesn’t really need, I would like to see some other improvements:

– Real server statistics, like awstats or webalizer
– Better (not quicker :)) handling of support requests
– Create a virtual wish-list where we can add would-like-to-haves
– More technical information about the infrastructure, like fysical server locations, transit connections etc.
– Some pics of the team and (inside the) server location (my previous host even had a webcam in his datacentre). I realy like to see whom I’m dealing with (the internet in itself is virtual enough)
– A realtime server speed- and load dashboard
– Etc

I’m quite happy with Servage, and maybe my wishes are not mainstream, but I found the praising in the above posts a bit off.


You offer cheap hosting services. To bad you have big problems with the security on your servers.

All my sites was blocked on google becouse its seem to be virused.

How is taht possible?!

I have a strong and unique passord!
My last activity was with months ago..Where is the problem?!

I know you have a good marketing.. but where are the profesional services?!

Unfortunately a strong and unique password will not help if folder- or file permission is set to 777 (open for all). I have removed the obvious inserts to your index-files and changed permission. But please read our security wiki on how you secure a site. Many hackers uses Google to locate files, so do a search on Google for “” and verify that the files listed is clean. Once done … Google will report your site safe again.

Damn you guys rock! tried many web hosting services in my time, and it’s safe to say I will never be changing again. Love Servage hosting, and you guys continue to satisfy your beloved customers.


Woundering if you have think about have tomcat solution in your well and big hosting programme, we have a camsoftware we was thinking moving to your host if tomcat will be awailible in the program.


wow! I like to include a free ad in my websites. do you have some scripts which I can just copy and paste?

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