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Saturday, February 28th, 2009 by Servage

surpriseWow, after that last post about our Servage Facebook page the amount of fans really took off! Today we’re having almost 900 fans. Thank you for that :-) And if you are not yet a fan, you can become it here.

Those of you that have read our blog regularly during the past month have probably noticed the variety of topics that have been mentioned. I would like to continue this course, to offer a broad set of articles to you, covering many aspects of web hosting and more. I am particularly glad to see the many comments that are being posted. They provide valuable feedback, and I am glad we could already turn some of the suggestions in to real product improvements. So please, stay tuned for further readings :-)

Hint: In the meantime I’ve heard some rumors about something that’s going on ;-) A little surprise maybe… I can’t be specific at the moment, but there is something we haven’t done for a while. Any guesses?

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Great can’t wait to see what you got up your sleves for us – hopefully allowing more hits per day…

you haven’t done a bit of increasing the space and bandwidth the last time, its been stuck at 510gb/51000gb for a long time now.

Did I make an good guess?

Well, maybe you hit close to home, or even spot-on, or it’s something completely different… You’ll know in a few days… ;-)

Sounds GREAT, can’t wait :-)

Keep up the good work.

Sounds GREAT, can’t wait to see :-)

Keep up the good work.

I am guessing storage and trafic upgrade ^^ …

I can’t wait either, but if I had to guess I would say its an upgrade to our storage or bandwidth.

Hmmm…free hosting months or something? :D

My birthday is in a couple of days and I love surprises.

I’m guessing storage and trafic upgrades ^^ …

Improve the speed of your web and mysql servers, this would be more in my favor! ;)

This is something we continuously work on and hope to have significantly improved it with the introduction of the Servage OS.

Improved stats would be nice.

Looking forward to the surprise. Speed improvement would be nice, but I’m open to any surprise! :-)

Just the amount of hits your site can get needs to be MUCH higher! If you have a site with many visitors servage will suspend the account, so hopefully this will be the improvement!

I hope its More Bandwidth But dont make it unlimited .. i hate the Phrase ‘ Unlimited Bandwidth’ thats when companies Start Lies.

A nice surprise would be an autoinstaller that actually installs an up to date version of wordpress :)

We are trying to keep up with releases for the software enclosed in the Autoinstaller, but unfortunately it’s not always possible to stay completely up-to-date. In such cases you can always install the software directly according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

750,00 GB
7500 GB

WOW Thanks!, but I’ll never get near those limits :-)

Keep up the good work.

Now I’m sure that the surprise is the increase in the space and traffic :)

Total Use:768000 MB
Transfer:7500 GB

That is really awesome guys :P “the 1st time i know servage the space was 360GB and the traffic was 3600GB and I’m sure that servage always take the lead and will still :)
Cheers :)

Is there any chance that, we’ll get an autoinstaller of something like “netvibes” I would love to host my own on my account.

I don’t know Netvibes, but have had a quick look at it now. It seems it is a hosted service, not a script you can install.

Yeah it’s great thanks you!

About script autoinstallers there is a nice free service who does all the work for you, it’s called, unfortunately for some reason it doesn’t work with servage’s FTP. It would be very nice if you guys can look into that, i’m sure it will be extremly usefull for many of us.

PS: thanks for the upgrade, its realy cool.

I have looked at the requirements for and I did not see any that we do not fulfill.

SSH access hopefully.

Wow i am Surprised yesterday when i login servage

storage space :- 750Gb

Transfer 7500 Gb

Wonderful sir

I love servage hosting

please Support Audio In our servers

hope will get this features

Thanks Servage


Oh..the surprise revealed?? Increase in Bandwidth & the Control panel system would be great.Keep up the good work servage.Really admire it.

A static IP and a sealed ssl would be nice to be included in the package at the same good price. This makes the “One Solution” seem more professional and more developer friendly. You could give away these “gifts” to the people of the facebook club (or some). If I win the free hosting price I will surely buy the above two at the current price.
Anyway, many many thanks for the bandwidth increase!:)

Hey servage :)

Nice upgrade :D

Remember to change the Danish frontpage to the new specs on traffic and space. It’s still 510gb on the danish page :)

At this point the upgrade to 750 GB space and 7500 GB bandwidth is for existing customers only, to award their loyalty. If you know someone that would like to get a new account with the same specs, you need to provide them with an existing customer’s coupon code. Thereby both the existing customer gains 2 month free hosting for the referral, and the new customer gets the bigger package.

AH a bit disappointed about the SSH, i know it would not happen but i just hope.
I’m glad you guys keep improving space and bandwidth, i hope you also lift the limit of “Mysql connections” and “Hits per day” as well as put Mysql servers on top list of performance maintenance.
Don’t forget about the Control Panel and changing your passwords with mix upercase, lower case, special characters and numbers :) as you always told us customers.
Keep up the good work guys

It may not be any reconciliation at the moment, but I can tell you that the Servage OS does offer very powerful tools for us to provide features to you guys in the future. SSH is one of them. Stay tuned!

I’m definitely also looking forward to see what you guys have come up with!

Its great to hear that servage is plannning to provide ssh access also. I am really thank full for the great band width and storage.
Hope we will have .net 3.5 and cold fusion hosting soon…..

I couldn’t believe my eys, but it looks like:
Account Status
Total Use: 9,64 / 750,01 GB
Transfer: 2 / 7500 GB

WOW, incredible. :-)

Just signed up with you guys… painless! Fast setup… thank you!

Guys, SSH will make it for almost all the features than are lacking on the control panel.

I’m realy looking forward to this feature.

Great Job.

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