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Exclusive preview on email filtering

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009 by Servage

mailfilterLast fall Servage introduced global server-side spam- and virus-filtering. The anti-spam functionality is powered by a customizable SpamAssassin system, which enables you to set an own set of rules for the handling of junk mail. The virus filter is powered by ClamAV which removes any email that includes malware. Since its introduction the system has identified hundreds of thousands of unsolicited mails being sent to email accounts hosted at Servage.

In the meantime a number of customers have requested a filtering option to allow even more advanced and powerful rules for email-handling. With filters one could for example automatically collect messages from a specific sender, addressed to a specific recipient, containing certain words (or a number of other rules) in a dedicated folder, and more.

I am happy to announce to you Servage Blog readers (exclusively) that this feature will be available with Servage soon :-)

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7 comments (leave a comment)

Excellent! Looking forward to the new functionality.

Thanks Jakob! :)

Brilliant idea! Looking forward to the new feature.

I tried out the feature and it works like a charm.’s not that cool that the only place to administér the filters are through the control panel. I’m not interested in giving some of my users access to the panel.

Good point! We will look into that.

Wao Servage Hosting 1 of the Best Hosting Service in the world…..!!!!

So, Carry on servage you are best….!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Servage,

First, this filtering has been operational for some time now, and I still don’t see the ability to do what Thomas Braad Toft suggested on February 25 this year. Will there come an option for users to manage their own filter, as Jacob promised?

Second, the part from the post claiming filtering mails “…addressed to a specific recipient…”-function, has not yet been implemented. I asked about this through a ticket yesterday, but has yet not received an answer.
Right now the only two options for filtering are the “Sender” and the “Subject”

Hope you will implement these two shortcomings, too make an otherwise excellent system perfect! – thank you for the best web service imaginable! :P

Thank you very much for this article. Im interested in this.

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