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Showcase your project

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009 by Servage

showcases1I have noticed many customers doing really cool stuff with their Servage web hosting account. There are lots of small businesses with fancy web-pages, innovative community-sites, slick private home-pages and more.

We thought it would be really cool to show these projects to other users to spread an inspirational vibe. Therefore we are giving you the possibility to create a showcase of your project. Create a one-page-website, a video, a Flash animation, or utilize some other media to present how you have used Servage features to create your project. Upload the showcase to your Servage hosting account and send the URL to us at (please submit your showcase until February 22nd 2009). Thereafter we will review the received material and display the coolest projects on our website.

And what is in it for you? If we promote your showcase it will give you free media exposure to all visitors of our website. By creating a cool and good-looking showcase you can boost the interest for your project.

Bonus: The creator of the coolest promoted showcase will receive 1 year free hosting!

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I’am curious to see what comes up :)

WOW, great idea…I’m going to win 1 year free hosting….
Thanks Servage

That’s the spirit :-)

Good Idea

Sounds like a cool idea… just curious as to where the showcase will be published when it’s all done though?

They will be shown on our website if we receive some really nice showcases that demonstrate the use of Servage functionality to create cool web projects.

You want me to create a one page website of my website????

No, we do not want a simple one-page-version of your current website. That’s not a cool showcase, that’s a one-page-advertisement for your project. What we would like to see is a demonstration of Servage functionality that has made it possible to create your project. I see that you are running a blog on your site, so maybe a series of screenshots or a video with a description of how you setup your blog using the Autoinstaller would be an idea (if you used that). In general, we would like to avoid putting restrictions on this, because we do not want to limit people’s creativity. So be innovative and come up with something new and cool!

For videos – any particular format, dimensions, or other specifications that you are looking for?

You are free to choose what you prefer. Common formats like Flash movies are recommended. The resolution should make it possible to play the movie in a browser window on a 1024×768 screen.

Super idea to look for good project and to their promotion on servage.

This tool you can use for free to generate passwords for your login and ftp account/s – just set the lenght of the password and click generate . remember to write down the generated password ;-)

Thanks for the hint!

a website like this? can enter the show case? and by show case you mean exactly what? a series of screen shoots? and also doesthe website needs to be english or any language?

We have not defined the showcases by a set of requirements, but would rather like the creators to be creative. To make a good showcase you should create a presentation in form of an image, a one-page website, a video, a flash animation or similar of how your project been done on your Servage account. An example could be someone who is running a blog about italian recipes: He could make a little video explaining how easy it was for him to get his blog going by installing WordPress via the Servage Autoinstaller, then describe what kind of recipes he is publishing, how they are rated by his visitors, and that he has had a big success with X amount of visitors on his website since launching it. This is not a generic guide how to make a correct showcase, just an example.

Nice blog you have. Keep it up ;)

:) very nice blog :)

Hope I will get free 1 year hosting :)

Awww man, just as you help me add features that are ultra cool, you launch a comp :(
My site isnt ready – theres no way i could meet the deadline – Cant you do it again once this ones finished so those of us who cant meet the deadline have a chance?
I wont win anyway – ive seen some servage sites there awesome, but its too little notice for a comp, also what if like my site the features are provided by servage but beyond those advertised?
Actually maybe its unfair for me to enter because servage staff spent hours helping me, from rebuilding A-records for external resources to setting up ssl for me.

Don’t worry. I will figure something out to get this converted into a continuous thing, so people can always submit showcases.

hello :-)
who is winner 1 year free hosting?
Thanks Servage

It has not been decided yet if any of the submitted items is suitable to be officially presented as a showcase for Servage Hosting. All participants will be notified when this has been done.

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Thanks everyone for the great insight and post here.Its great when everyone can share ideas and expirence with others and when it makes a differnce as well.i will be making a contribution here as well.thanks

Another interesting article from your blog :) When will it stop….hopefully never

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