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Servage on Facebook

Saturday, January 31st, 2009 by Servage

find_us_on_facebook_badgeIt is clear to most Internet users that using Facebook is a major trend with the power to sustain. We recognize the possibilities of socializing there and are excited to announce that we have created a page for Servage Hosting on Facebook. There also is a group for Servage Customers as well, which was created by one of our users. We would be very happy if you could join both our page and the customer group.

To make this a little more fun, I would like to present a little competition: First of all, Servage would like to give away 5 years of free hosting among the first 1,000 fans of the Servage Hosting page on Facebook. Secondly, we will double that to 10 years of free hosting if there should be more than 1,000 fans by March 1st 2009. In addition to this, you guys even get to choose how the prize should be distributed! Vote for it on our Facebook page.

So, I would say: Stop wasting your time. Get you and your friends on the Servage Hosting page on Facebook!

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Smart move, guys ! I was wondering, why not increase the prizes according to how many fans you get. 1000 fans = 5 years of free hosting, 2000 fans = 10 years, 3000 fans = 15 years, and so on ?

Not a bad idea, but for now we have set the initial milestone at 1000 members. If we get many more – like you suggest – we may throw in a little something as a bonus ;-)

is this competition only for Servage customers.
and if so then how will you identify which fan is a servage customer.

do we have to pay for domain or that will be also free(as you gave it free with hosting package)

There is no requirement to be an existing customer. The free hosting includes everything our One Solution package features, hence one domain is free as well :-)

I use a different email address for Servage than I do for facebook. Will you be sending out messages to everyone to notify them?

The winners will be contacted directly via Facebook – and it is not a requirement to be a Servage customer for winning the free hosting promised on our Facebook page.

hmm, do the first 1000 fans of Servage on Facebook get free hosting for five years? … or is there a drawing of some kind? No matter, it’s been great to be with Servage.

There will be a drawing.

I am an existing user but my facebook account is locked down so much that all you will not be able to see my account let alone contact me – how will you get round this?

This can be controlled by the Privacy Settings on Facebook. Log in to your account and go to “Settings > Privacy Settings” (top, right of the screen) to modify them. How this works and what you can do is also described in the Facebook help resources.

Great blog, reading it through RSS feed as well

RSS is working now, thanks

Well, welcome to the family. ;-)

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